How to combine good search engine optimized and tested marketing methods to promote the great sales for your business

SEO can play a vital role in enhancing your sales figures to a new level – you never thought of Way. We are not talking about the benefits of search engine optimization for search engine rankings. This is important, but search engine optimization can serve your bottom line more directly. What we want to focus on here is how you can make conversions/sales more likely once potential customers enter your website.

When you understand your customers and what they are looking for, and what keywords they use to do this, you have a gold mine. You can apply it to your website and have a huge impact on your bottom line. Here is how it works.

To better understand how to take advantage of this SEO advantage, let us assume that you sell shoes online. One of your best sellers is “red high heels”. Not only that, let us assume that you know that this particular phrase is overwhelming how women find and buy the item. what do you do?

Now, you are saying to yourself, “Obviously I want to optimize related pages for that keyword.” Absolutely correct. But many people did not take this matter seriously. This is too “obvious”, and they often don’t implement it the way they should.

They also don’t understand a complete dimension that has been proven by research in copywriting and advertising over the decades. Miss this & you will lose a huge opportunity to use your search engine optimization and testing knowledge to increase your profits. The reason is as follows.

Your search engine optimization should reflect your potential customers’ wishes

when you started your search engine optimization, your website and your PPC copywriting, you need to put them all lined up. For example, when people search for “red high heels,” does this phrase appear in your PPC ad? Or do you sell women’s shoes? If you don’t have a complete keyword phrase, you are not tagged. Big day.

You must reflect their own keywords to searchers. You must be as close as possible to the words or keywords they use. It triggers something conscious and unconscious in the customer’s mind. It tells them that they found what they wanted and that they are in the right place. This internal information, if you can stumble it, means that there is likely to be a deal in your future; as long as you have caused this connection in their minds.

How to make your search engine optimization services to your sales column

if you’ve done your search engine optimization, your keyword research is correct, then the customer should see the key phrase ( ‘red high heels’) on the page. It’s best to write it at the top in capital letters. This is not the only thing you need to do.

You must also stick to these key phrases. You may have seen too many websites give up when customers arrive on site. For example, for some reason, they will now start labeling red shoes with “scarlet high heels”. The difference is small, but it is enough to make customers lose.

Another thing they do is write sales copies, do not use keywords, and may not even have sales copies at all. They did not seize the opportunity to increase search engine optimization and sales to visitors a little more, they became silent. It’s like they left the court in the middle of the game. Why would you do that? By the way, this is not a license for keyword stuffing. This is an encouragement to use key phrases that make good profit and use them to continuously push customers toward the cash register. Don’t forget, as soon as the guests arrive, the work is not finished yet. This is only half the battle, so don’t give up.

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