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in the era of Penguin and Panda Given Google’s recent major updates, Penguin and Panda, it’s a shame to see how many dubious search engine optimization (SEO) “experts” and agencies are still risking their reputation by trying to use Unreliable technology to increase the visibility and traffic of the website does more harm than good to customers. They are demonstrating the kind of behavior that Google and other search engines have been working to eliminate.

To avoid eventually becoming a search engine black book, avoid dubious plans and methods, and use real, tested means to improve your website’s SEO certificate. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, please visit well-known blogs and forums in the marketing world, such as the SEO blogs of Econsultancy, SEO Moz, and Graywolf.

If you have a budget, don’t hesitate to hire a professional team to get the best results. This marketing method is worth the investment, so don’t be fooled by low prices. Quality service is not cheap.

In short, the googlepanda update was launched to punish websites that look and feel “junk”, while Penguin is responsible for dealing with websites that show unnatural backlink profiles.

Copy the

site is full of keyword performance on the search engine results pages than other sites are long gone. This actually hurts the performance of your website, not the chance of improving it.

To help realize the seriousness of this rudeness, please stand in the position of website users. It is easy to tell when the copy was written for the search engine and not for the human eye. This does not leave a good impression on most customers, and it is likely to lead to a high rebound rate.


diversity has never been more important, at this point natural diversity. Paying for links and participating in link farms are to be avoided at all costs, unless you want to be punished like Google, who can now smell scams a mile away.

Instead, invest time in developing relationships with bloggers whose backlinks are significant for websites of all sizes. Although this is a somewhat outdated method, it is still worth submitting the website to a trusted business directory.

When people share content based on their interests, social media strategies can greatly help to obtain natural backlinks. Search engine optimization must also consider the internal link structure. Similar to keyword stuffing, internal links will not be exaggerated. Once again, from the user’s point of view, see if the link is natural and if the anchor text fits the context. For users and search engine spiders, locating awkward internal links is like a painful thumb.

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