How to find your real money search engine optimization keywords

most companies do not realize that search advertising can bring more than just traffic. The full potential of search ads, such as googleadwords and MSN ads, will be more than just a few articles. So here we only look at one use-to improve your SEO focus. how? Keep reading.

Usually, choosing keywords and phrases for your website is done through research. You will discover which keywords will attract traffic or searches in your industry. You look at your website statistics and see what attracts visitors. You have to brainstorm and try to find phrases used by “serious” potential customers.

There is nothing wrong with this. Everyone knows, or should know, that the world of search engines is based on knowledgeable guesses and theories, just like any other marketing. At least at the beginning of your search engine optimization work.

Gold figures that

search advertising is provided a method for tracking keyword – to see what will become sales. These data are pure gold to you. As many people have discovered, high-traffic keywords are not necessarily high-converting keywords. However, the trick is actually tracking. This means using web analytics, or at least marking a simple code snippet in the conversion column when they use my contact form.

These snippets can be generated for you in your AdWords account. You only need to cut and paste them on a page, which is considered a “conversion”, whether it is a checkout page or a message thanking you for contacting us.

It takes time to collect this data. Therefore, you should still do traditional search engine optimization while you wait to get the exact numbers. This will at least allow you to move in the right direction. Even if search advertising data causes you to have to adjust the exact keywords, you will still be ahead.

The keywords you have targeted, even if they are not the best, will still use search engines to build your subject/industry/field. This way you can rank based on keywords in your area. The worst-case scenario is that you still lay the foundation for your search positioning.

A problem with online tracking

One problem you will face is that many potential customers will use other methods to complete “sales.” This may mean calling you to find a potential customer, copy and paste your email address online, or enter your office or store.

It is almost impossible to track these keywords that are sold to your doorstep. This is just a reality that we must admit. In fact, what you can track will usually tell you what you need to know. What has produced the most reactions and the most results. What’s next? Work on your search engine optimization website and your link activity keywords. It’s that simple. But it did not end there. Keep track of keywords can have seasons or lifetimes. This may be caused by fashion, current events or various factors. Like all marketing and advertising, it is still in progress. Keep this in mind, you should be doing well.

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