How to get SEO Backlinks

submitted to the directory

now there are many online free website directory, and have the same number of site lists free web directory.

So your first step should be to visit every directory and submit your link to every free online directory you can find.

Link exchange

If you are involved in reciprocal link exchange, be sure to 1) only exchange links with related sites. If a site has nothing to do with your site, then its backlinks will not play any role; 2) Do not send mass emails to webmasters. If there is one thing that I can guarantee that I will ignore you, it is if I receive an email that is sent to thousands of other webmasters in a confidential file. You can also ask other webmasters to request a link exchange and place a contact form on your website to let people know that you are an open link exchange.

Link Bait

Link bait is when you release some of the controversial things on your site, a fire or some very interesting things, the purpose is to get people talking about it on a blog or posted on the forum. Link bait is sometimes regarded as “spam”, but don’t be aware that it is not. People choose to link to you, it’s up to them.

Providing quality content

which is my favorite way backlinks. Make a good website with good content.

If there is one thing people like and link, it is a good website.

Forum post

I’m not willing to accept this proposal, but I will, and I’ll explain what I mean.

When I say posting on a forum, I understand it as joining a forum and contributing. This does not mean joining a forum, spamming your link 50 times, and then leaving. Most forums allow you to add a signature to your posts, so this is an easy way to get backlinks. If you become a trustworthy ordinary poster, it also means that you will get a lot of traffic from these backlinks. Spam will not only make you look like an amateur, but it will also be deleted by the host on the same day, possibly before the Google bot sees it.

Subscribe to

RSS feeds to allow you to syndicate your content. This means that other websites will display your content on their pages through the feed, which contains backlinks to the original article or page.

Submit articles

if you have a lot to know (you should know) in the area of your work, then writing articles could be very beneficial. Every time you write and submit an article is a backlink, and the advantage of the article is that they are often copied and used on other article websites, in news letters or posted on forums. Every time this happens, you will get another link. A back link.

I provide a link to the code

to put on your website a link to my page contains code. This will be the HTML code, and people will just cut and paste the link to you on their website. But don’t use all text. Provide some banners, some buttons, and be creative. Sometimes, if people are trying to find fillers for their website, they will be more than happy to include your sexy banner or button on their page.

The trick is to make it easier for people to contact you.

Buy text links

if you have enough money to advertise, you can also buy text links from such companies LinkWorth, if you want to make money and sell text links, it is also very good thank you

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