How to get the real SEO benefit from Twitter

in the past few years, Twitter and Twitter recent years, Twitter and Twitter are considered to be the best social networking sites. However, what no one asks is “How does your SEO benefit from Twitter?” There is no clear answer yet. Let us first look at the following reasons.

First, the links you put in Tweets are automatically classified as “NoFollow” links. This means that search engines will not provide any link credits to the linked pages or sites. So these links will not add anything to SEO outside of your website.

Whether your link uses an actual URL or is the result of a link shortening service. They are all “NoFollow”, so you can’t build any search engine optimization from Tweet links. This also means that if other Twitter users link to your site in their tweets, they cannot deliver any SEO benefits to you. That’s the way it is. However, this is not the full story of what your SEO can get from Twitter.

SEO benefits you can get from Twitter

still has some way to get the search engine optimization advantages from Twitter. For example, list it first in the Twitter directory. These lists will give you a real “follow” link to your Twitter profile. Many Twitter directories also give you a link to your website. Twibs and TweetFind are two places that provide links and are well indexed by Google. Use them.

Another way to reap the benefits of search engines is that Google sometimes displays tweets in search results. How do you get Google to show you? To do this is not easy, but there are a few suggestions can make it more likely to achieve:

Use keywords you want to display in your tweet in

trying to deliver your message in your Tweets while leaving some space. This is so, if other people repost them, you won’t lose any keywords because of the lack of space once you join RT.

Tweet from a high number of followers of the accounts of Google priorities

do not send too many tweet, because it may be considered spam by search engines. If you are one of the people who use instant messaging tools like Twitter, you may need a personal Twitter account for “discussions” and a separate commercial Twitter account.

The keyword with hashtag added will be indexed by Twitter as the keyword phrase, which is almost beneficial in Google.

Finally, posting new content that you add to your blog or website on Weibo may bring benefits to search engine optimization. Although the Twitter link is’NoFollow’, if your followers find the content useful, they may link to it from their blog or some other place that can give you SEO value. Twitter is one area where there may not necessarily be direct, measurable SEO benefits, but it is still well worth pursuing these indirect rewards. In this highly competitive world, why don’t you do everything possible to gain an advantage?

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