How to get your site indexed in Google and start getting traffic

if you have a new site, you first need to consider is it indexed and listed in the search engines. Especially at Google. Because I haven’t heard of their website owners often appearing on their website. You can hear the panic in their voices, and frankly, I don’t blame them.

So, how to quickly get an index in Google? First of all, I suggest not to submit your website through the Google submission page. This seems to be the most logical approach, but you are actually slowing down, believe it or not. Some people report that it will take a week or more for them to see their listing. Too long. What else should you not do?

One thing to avoid-don’t go to indexing if your website is still “under construction”. Google may still index your website, but if you only have a few sentence pages, or less, you are spinning the wheel. Especially don’t write the words “under construction”. This is a giveaway that has no practical meaning at all. Even a search engine robot knows the meaning of these two words.

If your website is not ready to enter prime time, at least put some descriptive text on your 1 page so that the robot can find something there. Give them something to consume and let them browse what this website will look like, even if it hasn’t appeared yet.

Found by Google instead of submitting?

In some search engine optimization circles, there is a view that being “discovered” by Google bots is better than submitting your website directly. I mean to allow their robots to discover this website. The theory believes that under all the same conditions, the discovered website has a little advantage over the submitted website. How did you find it?

This is not difficult to do. Your best way is to find a link on the blog. Especially a blog, when a new blog post is published, it will ping Google. This means that Google will come to check it, and can sometimes index your site within 24 hours.

You can also have a friend link to your website from their website, although you want to go for a good ranking. The ranking usually comes from the more active visit rate of Google bots. Therefore, the sooner your link is tracked, the better, not later. Using these strategies to get indexed, you should have no problem entering Google and other search engines relatively quickly. Nothing is guaranteed in the search engine field, but following these suggestions should help you.

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