How to make a link page and outbound link structure?

This is a major question. This is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčevery search engine optimization, link building company and webmaster, what kind of link page should be on their website, or what is the best way to give outbound links. Everyone needs a link, and in order to get it, people must give something back in return, unless your content is so good that the site is voluntarily linked by someone else. To give back links, you need some linked pages or other ways to provide outbound links. What method should be used to construct the outbound link. In my opinion, you can take the following measures:

The best way to provide outbound links is to provide links in the content page, because this is most useful for users who read the content of the site. This method of linking is natural and long-lasting, because search engines want pages should be for users, not for search engines created

you can create 4-6 Resources page, but each page should be on a specific theme, page The object should match the subject of the site. This way you can provide users with more related resources on the same topic in the same place. It will help you make authoritative pages.

You can also adopt the traditional style, which is used in research papers and books, that is, where the links are given at the end of the page are called more reference materials and resources. It provides users with more information about specific topics, thereby enriching their knowledge. There are many other ways to make linked pages, but the most common is to have a long page with a huge list of sites on one page, and link each site with its title or optimized anchor text without having to be between sites Make any associations. Such a webpage never brings traffic, we just make it only for search engines, which is undoubtedly a spam. Google mentions “making pages for users rather than search engines” in its search engine optimization guidelines. Search engines know very well that such linked pages will definitely be regarded as “link farms” by search engines and will be punished. Therefore, in order to increase traffic while getting the most benefits, users can use related, permission-based link resources, which are beneficial to your site and users.

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