How to optimize for new website marketing and search engines:

In this high unemployment environment, self-employment through e-commerce may be the best way. In this area, one way you can take is to start your website and make a living by selling advertising space or selling products on the website. However, before you start earning a real living salary, you need to do some basic basic work in the marketing field to get traffic. This article will give you some suggestions on how to plan your promotion from scratch, starting from buying a domain name for your website.

Step one: purchase a domain name

that actually requires a lot of thinking. The name you choose should depend on your goals. You can choose an attractive name like Google, but you can also choose a more practical domain name and your target keywords. Choosing an attractive name that has nothing to do with the content of your website may help build the brand, but it will make the initial search engine optimization work more difficult. For this reason, I suggest you choose a domain in which your keywords are included. For example, since my goal is “Flash games” and “Tower Defense” as my keywords, I chose domains that contain these keywords. When people link to your domain name, they are likely to use your domain name as anchor text, so adding keywords to your domain name will give you a huge boost. Which keywords to choose is also very important, and may have a great impact on how much search engine optimization traffic is. The main argument here is whether to choose a very broad and popular term, such as “flash games” is difficult to rank, or to choose a niche term, such as “Tower defense”, although there are not so many searches, but due to less competition, Easier to rank. I suggest you use googleinsightsforsearch tool to find good keywords. Sometimes, adding another frequently used word after your initial keyword will help your results. For example, if you buy a domain name like (don’t try, the domain name has been taken away), you will be ranked high in “free games” and “free games to play”. The number of searches for the second word is almost different from the first word, but there will be a slight increase in traffic. You need to be creative and successful in search engine optimization in this area.

Step 2: Site navigation structure

While the design of the site is important, but I found the navigation structure of the site actually have a greater impact on the fairness of its search engine. A wide range of navigation structures, including a considerable number of content categories, and designs that allow a large amount of text are quite good. I seem to hear the word keyword density a lot recently. Your keywords and subsequent pages do not seem to stack up well. You need to have a considerable number of keywords on your page, but don’t repeat them again and again in order to make them appear.

Incorporating keyword clouds or tags into the design in a wordpress manner seems to help a lot. If you are designing and developing a website, I suggest you do something similar.

The third step: the social network and link exchange

While facebook might be 900 lbs gorilla in this area, you should have a facebook fan page, but using other networks, such as Digg, Reddit and stumbleun will help you more in direct marketing stage many. Find some friends with accounts in these places to digg, reddit, and stumble on your unique content, every time you have a new, unique content submission. You can also try to buy some diggs/stumbles/etc, but this is a tricky problem, if you don’t handle it well, it may cost you more money and you can get back from it.

Link switching is also a thorny issue. Personally, I haven’t done much, but when you just start, it will be a big improvement. Although PR is no longer so important in Google rankings, it is the best indicator when you link to exchange. I suggest waiting until you have a PR (pagerank) before starting the link exchange, because many people want to see some PR before they are willing to exchange links with you. Keep your links exchanged to some, and keep track of who is exchanging with you. Many people will try to trade links, and then cancel your link after a period of time, hope you won’t notice. You cannot give these one-way links. Using social networks and link exchanges will help your website penetrate Google and other search engines and help launch your website. Also, don’t forget to submit to directories like, because these directories still have some important content when calculating backlinks.

Step four: research competitors and copy the

result, which many people do not ignore or step, but very important. This will allow you to discover how some of the top websites in your field have become popular, and even allow you to copy some of their methods. The easiest way is to go to and enter “”. This will tell you where their backlinks came from. Many will be free directories that you can submit to yourself. Don’t hesitate to submit to these same directories, because every link you get will help. I recommend against link exchange with these directories, because they are usually just linked directories with no other real content. You will also find many web review sites where you can get free links and traffic. Another place to gain link appeal is to post comments on your blog, leaving your link and anchor text as a signature. You must look for blogs that do not have the “nofollow” feature enabled. Do not spam comments, only post 1 comment on each blog per day. Make sure your comments are targeted and well thought out. If you post a useless comment, you will be banned or blocked, and your comment will be deleted. You should also update your own blog frequently.

Another thing you will find that some top websites do is, where they do, like Yahoo questions, find questions related to the theme of their website, and will answer these questions while leaving a link to their signature. Don’t really answer unless you have a good and useful answer. If you have something useful to share, people are more willing to follow your link. You can also go to sites like and to collect some other information about top competitors and find out how they do this. The method of imitating your successful opponent is always in your favor.

Step Five: Create new content to attract visitors and keep them

to continue to attract new visitors and retain the old visitors, you need new content. This can be a form or article, flash cartoon, product, or any other website category that suits you. These things essentially require publicity. It is good to write some new articles and your links in it, because it helps to establish links to your website and make you notice in the industry if the article is a high-quality article. Making a flash animation or game to promote your product or service can really help your product or service develop rapidly, especially if it is well received in Newgrounds or Kongregate. It’s also a good idea to make attractive youtube videos. Most of these things are free. You only need something like Openoffice (free) to write articles. To make flash content, you can download the 30-day free trial version of Adobe’s official IDE development environment, or you can download flashdevelopment and flashsdk, which are completely free. You can also buy swishmax for $100, which is worse than the official IDE function, but there are still powerful tools that allow you to create cartoons and games. For drawing and graphics, please use GIMP (free). For youtube, you can use webhypercam (I see many unregistered ones now). The methods I advocate are free and anyone can use. If you have the funds, you can look at banner exchange locations and paid advertisements, such as Google ads. Here, I will not track the subject of every return on investment, but use a complex number to track every return on investment. Moreover, not everyone has a lot of money to promote their new business.

If you carefully follow the recommendations in these four steps and plan in advance what your main strategy is, your new website will be quite successful. This is a slow process, so it is impossible to succeed overnight. Even with a good plan, it may take months or even years to truly succeed, so make sure you are long-term.

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