How to optimize your Google list of places

you can do something to improve the position of your website in googleplaces in. Google will choose the following locations for your search results.

1: add as much information as

by adding photos, videos, logos, images and other information to enhance the user experience. This way you will see more conversions. Describe your business in detail. Don’t write “we are the best”, but list the services you provide. Pay special attention to writing in the way most people in your area are looking for. For example, if most people are searching for “brochure design”, don’t write “brochure design” because if you already have many competitors in “brochure design”, this will not pop up your list.

2: Add your full address to Google Places login page

to your business information – full address – googleplaces on your landing pages and your website. This is to ensure that Google will correctly associate your website with your Google location list.

3: increasing the number of comments

have a lot of praise. This will put your business ahead of the competition. Also, if this is possible, ask your customers to use special words-keywords-in their reviews, which will additionally help you rank.

4: Use keywords in the Google list of locations

if you add keywords in googleplaces page description, then you will be more likely to be those who do local search notice. This information can increase the conversion rate of potential customers. Use the Google Keyword Tool (a free tool) to get keywords in your area.

5: Add photos and videos to your Google Places list

Utilize your camera and mobile phone to send photos to Google Places listing. You can also upload photos from your computer. Usually Google lets you upload up to 10 photos and 5 videos. You can upload videos to youtube and them using “Share” button (it will give you a link to your video), add them to your Google Places listing. Note: Google Places would like you to add a video link in a certain format. So when you click on “Share” button on youtube, it will provide you with a short version of a link to your video, click on “Options” and get a “longer link”. For example, instead of you would need to use: Google places accepts it in this long link format. Make sure to have relevant pictures and videos in order to promote your product or service.

6: reverse link local keywords in the anchor text

to improve your rankings with the local keyword in the anchor text back links. This will improve your ranking. For example, when you are building your backlinks, instead of just writing “web design” (this is a very common term that will be difficult to compete), use “Ventura Web Design” to add your local city profile pull. This is to improve your ranking in local businesses.

7: Increase the number of references to the main data providers to increase the number of citations in your area or data providers. For example, there should be your citations on the yellow pages so that Google can find your website.

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