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What is your target traffic?

Some of you may have noticed traffic from the website. Although traffic is “just a trickle” compared to traffic from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, it is extensive compared to other search attributes.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of paying attention and starting to optimize We will provide you with some information about how its algorithm works and tell you how to conduct SERP research to improve your ranking.

First, know that Ask Jeeves was recently acquired by Barry Diller’s InterActiveCorp, making them “players” and giving them more funds and wider influence than before. IAC has plans for

Ask Jeeves is one of four world-class search technology providers, with approximately 42 million independent monthly users in the United States, and one of the largest online advertising producers in the world. Barry Diller, Chairman and CEO of IAC, said that “Sk Jeeves was founded nearly ten years ago, with the idea that simply relying on simple text search results is not enough or satisfactory, but consumers want to get The answers to the questions, and the questions posed in natural language and the questions answered accurately are particularly desirable and interesting. Among the many search engines launched during this period, Ask is one of the few to build its own search engine. We believe that in the future, it may become one of the great brands in the Internet and other fields. What we call Beyond, it means searching for anything on any device in the wireless field. It is this belief, driven by IAC’s rich resources and booming business, coupled with the continuous and strong management of Steve Berkowitz and his team, is the driving force of this transaction. 鈥

In addition, even though Ask only accounts for a small portion of search traffic, it is enough to attract people’s attention:

includes Iwon and MyWay under Ask. Ask accounts for 5.3% of search volume, second only to AOL. This may bring considerable traffic, especially if you have established good relationships on Google, Yahoo, and MSN, and are looking for other sources of relevant visitors. In addition, if you offer a niche product or have a very large website, Ask can lead to more traffic to your website.

How does rank websites?

First, we must make sure that uses the technology they purchased from Teoma. Teoma’s statement is that although it only scans a small part of the content covered by major engines such as Google, it will first delete all irrelevant websites, and then consider the popularity of websites related to the search topic, thereby generating an orderly And relevant search results. It also provides other ways to sort thousands or millions of search results by allowing users to improve or expand their search. Teoma was originally created based on research conducted by Jon Kleinberg’s popular works.

The focus of the HITS algorithm is to identify communities and the permissions in these communities. You can read our review of click-through rates here: central and authoritative.

Based on this model, Teoma works by responding to a query. By using term vector analysis (matching the query with words on the page), they match the query with related pages in real time. They then expanded the site collection to include sites that linked to or came from the original approximately 200 site collections. Subsequently, they analyze the link structure and determine which sites are central and authoritative. They determine this by checking the total number of outbound links and inbound links, and if a site has multiple outbound links to a site with many inbound links, it is considered a center. If a site has many inbound links from sites with multiple outbound links, it is considered an authority. The results are then reordered to include these calculations.

In addition, Teoma has a patent for DirectHit, so they also include the number of clicks in the algorithm.

They may also use many other modifiers in the core algorithm. The best way to understand rankings is to analyze the SERPs of various keywords, especially your own keyword sector. are listed in

no way be submitted to They stopped their website submission process, so there is no way to pay is included, there is no free “Add URL” form.

The only way is for Teoma’s spiders to find your website by following links from other websites. After getting links from other sites, you can check the server logs to see if the spider is visiting your site and fetching your page.

The following is the information to find Teoma in the server log: The

crawler comes from the IP address 65.214.xx.xx and is named The user agent is displayed as Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; ask Jeeves/Teoma).

For more information, please visit the following page:

How to optimize Teoma

First of all, it is important to ensure that your site has regular page optimizations, and Your keywords are included in the code of the page. Teoma uses regular word vector analysis to determine what your page is about, and uses it when constructing the first set of results. So make sure your keywords are included in your title, website text, meta keywords and description, and other related fields. The meta-description tag is very important to Teoma, so make sure to mention keywords in the meta tag, and make sure that each page has a unique set of keywords in the meta keywords and descriptions tags. In addition, please remember that Teoma indexes the entire text on the web page and will not ignore stop words, such as “on”, “the”, “and”, etc., so you should plan your activities on the page accordingly. Basically, use standard on-page SEO techniques-the same methods you use on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Off-page factors

Make sure that your website has proper webpage optimization, and then you have to conduct a very concentrated link popular activity. Rather than commit to an unrelated reciprocal link or purchase a universal link, it is important that you obtain the link from a website in your “community.” Remember, Ask works by identifying the community and ranking the most authoritative websites in the community.

Who is a member of your community?

To optimize Ask, you must first determine which sites belong to your online community. Who are the experts? Which websites will receive a lot of links from other related websites? Which sites have a good list of community-related sites? You must do research and have a very clear map of the community. You simply enter your top can complete the study

keywords into the and list ranking. Then, visit these sites and get acquainted with the community. When you visit them, write down some things, for example, do they have many links to other sites in the community? Do they have only a few links to other websites? How can I encourage them to contact me? Don’t forget to visit the website related to your website and click on the keywords under “Optimization” or “Extensions” on the right side of the search engine.

Then you must start to establish yourself in your community. Imagine you just moved to a new place and want to make friends. what will you do? You will bake your famous oatmeal cookies, then knock on the door of your neighbor to say hello and introduce yourself. Same as your website. You will visit the website belonging to your community and ask them to mention you on their website. Ideally, you have something unique to offer, and some other sites are not available in your community, so they will be happy to link to you.

If you offer a product, try to get other sites in your community to review your product. Pay them to post your reviews, or give them your product for free. If you are competing in a highly competitive field, try to find a niche for yourself where you can turn your website into a “big fish” in a small pond.

Provide something unique

If you can provide something unique that is not currently available in your community, it will be easier for you to list your community on other websites. In addition, you can consider finding a reward link to you for other websites, such as giving them a discount if they buy your product. If you are an expert in a certain area, give them free advice or provide a free tool. They can add a link to your website.

Finally, try to generate new content every week. This advice is good for all search engines and will also help you with Ask. This will also encourage people to contact you because they see that you are constantly developing content and providing “value” to the community.

Conclusion Once you have established your own expert status in your community, to continue to build your reputation by letting other relevant sites link to your site is very important. In addition, use keywords that belong to their “optimized” or “extended” search functions, and on the right side of the SERPs, list your site in these SERPs to link to you. All sites listed under these keywords belong to your community. If you continue to develop your website, increase content, and get links from other websites, you will see your ranking rise and stabilize at

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