How to start your business with SEO and SEM

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If you are a webmaster, his/her first online business or website, you probably know that it is not so easy to get a high-traffic website. In fact, compared to a few years ago, it takes more effort to succeed online now. The main factor that affects your success is that most businesses or website owners know nothing about search engine optimization (SEO) and/or search engine marketing (SEM) (useful). These words are widely spread, however, many people just know that it is a way to get high rankings in search engines.

There are a large number of webmasters and website owners who want to know more SEO strategies to start their business. If you have enough funds to hire a search engine optimization company to do promotion work for you, you may not screen and learn more about search engine optimization on the Internet unless you are eager to learn more. So this article is mainly for those who start with search engine optimization and want to know more strategies, not only ranking high in search engines, but also successful and doing well in satisfying visitors or potential customers.

Why do I need search engine optimization and high SEM rankings?

The question is why companies and websites now really need to promote their websites well, instead of a few years ago, when everyone had to obey some established directories and saw an increase in traffic by spreading the word. The answer is: Some things have changed. Search engines have developed very complex algorithms in order to find relevant websites and separate them from non-relevant websites. These algorithms are quite complex and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of search engines.

The problem is that in order to achieve high rankings and high traffic, you need to prove that your website is trustworthy and relevant to the world. Relevance can be achieved through search engine optimization, while trustworthiness is achieved through marketing and promotion of your website to other relevant and relevant websites. There are some theories about the so-called sandbox or trustbox used by Google, however, these theories have never been proven to exist 100%. This sandbox theory claims that every new website will be placed in a box for a specified trial period. In the box, the website ranks poorly, and PageRank is not received. The trustbox theory believes that the trial period is more likely to be defined by credible and relevant backlinks.

Regardless of whether one of these theories is true, the truth is that you need to optimize your business for search engines and then promote it. The main idea is that you should try to get as many one-way links as possible. One-way links, also known as inbound links, are links to your site, and your site does not link back to that site. In the past, so-called reciprocal links have been widely spread to establish your connection and prove your credibility and/or relevance. However, these days, one-way links are very appreciated and worthwhile!

How to get close? How to get a one-way link and start my business now?

This is a very complex topic, and it is impossible to tell you any existing and effective strategies at once. Nevertheless, there are some simple but time-consuming ways to start your business or website. However, before everything starts, you should optimize your website first. There are some resources on the Internet telling you to optimize and so on.

When you are done, first upgrade your website to a (free) web directory. Web directories provide you with one-way links without linking back to them. Well, there are actually many directories that require backlinks, but these are not what you should submit. Submit to the SEO-friendly free web directory first, except for the open directory project/DMOZ. Then, after you finish this tiring work, write some high-quality articles and spread them out. Actively participate in the forum. Publish a blog related to your area, and regularly publish articles on the blog to attract readers and potential customers. These are one of the main sources of getting your first traffic and backlinks, which will improve your page ranking.

Now go ahead and find out the various mistakes you might make when optimizing and improving: over-optimizing.

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