How to write an effective search engine optimization article

, there are two main ways you can improve your site’s content.

First, you should research articles related to your target market. Add 2 to 5 best keywords in an article.

See which of your products are the best sellers. For example, you might be running a business that sells mobile phones. Your most popular product may be a mobile phone of a certain brand or model. The key word can be “mobile phone review”, “cheap mobile phone” or “Nokia mobile phone”.

If the keywords you use are specific keywords that people enter in the search bar, then you are more likely to direct visitors to your website and let them buy products from you. This is your goal, so start writing SEO articles, which will ensure your high website traffic.

When you write this article, be aware that your focus is on readers, not what search engine crawlers think of it. But this knowledge should always be in your mind, and the knowledge keywords you need can also please search engines. Talk about the benefits that customers can get from buying products. Don’t talk about yourself or your company. Always focus on products and customers. Specify what the product will do for them.

Add your keywords carefully to your article so that it makes sense. The main keyword must be found in the title of the article, and it should also be in the first few paragraphs. The standard formula is to use keywords every 100 words. Your keywords should not appear too frequently. Make sure it looks natural.

Your article must be interesting and easy to understand. Think about what your customers want from the product, and try to make them have a good impression of your company. This will prepare them to enter the sales segment. When your customers click on your website, they should be ready to buy products. Writing an SEO article is not necessarily a burden. Put yourself in your customers’ boots and think about what they would like to read.

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