If your search engine rankings sudden drop, you should do three things at once

anyone who rely on search engines to get traffic have a common obstacle, and that is all of us. This is our focus on rankings. It makes sense for this phenomenon to be so widespread. After all, these rankings are often our business. At least in terms of meeting the prospects we desperately need.

It is safe to say that all of us woke up and saw our ranking drop from page 1 to a position comparable to participating in the Federal Witness Resettlement Program. You can’t find it. This is bad news.

This is what you should do when this happens. You may not be able to solve this problem quickly, but you can at least solve and deal with it better.

Do not panic
remember this is very important. Take it seriously, but don’t lose. There are many reasons for the decline in rankings. Sometimes this is due to Google’s famous algorithm adjustment. This may be a temporary change, and your ranking will be restored in a short time. The key here is to avoid doing things that will only harm your website, its long-term ranking, and your business itself.

Many people will switch jobs and make large-scale changes on their websites. They try to make it match what they think search engines want now. This will actually damage their position in search engines because they change the structure and layout of the page. It confuses search engine robots and creates a confused impression that the website lacks cohesion. This is bad for rankings. So, remember-don’t panic. The decline may be temporary. If not, impulsive bulldozers and reconstruction work are not the way out.

Recall: What changes have you made recently?
Sometimes your ranking will plummet because of what you do. For example, my ranking dropped because I made some redirection code in my .htaccess file. Have you added some new pages recently? Check the links and the links pointing to them are pointing correctly. If you write the wrong destination URL, you will provide search engines with a bunch of 404 error pages. They don’t like that.

There are many things that will cause the ranking to decline. Remember, to be safe, you should look at the changes you made two weeks ago. The frequency with which search engine bots visit your website varies, so they may react to a change that is old news to you, but new news to them.

Move on
when you see your rankings drop, you can easily turn the dark side of SEO, become a black hat. When you see an irrelevant website, especially your website. We have all been there.

But you know what the right choice is, even if it’s hard to resist a little disguise. What you have to do is continue to build a solid website: add relevant, targeted content, adjust your website structure so that all content can be found and indexed by search engines, and handle links to your website. A little boring? Yes, sometimes. But this is the best choice, especially for those who wish to engage in business activities for a long time. Next time when you see a ranking drop, remember these three steps. It’s okay to be frustrated. It’s okay to be confused. It’s okay to be a little angry. Vent out constructively, and then go back to work. This is the most reliable way.

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