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Hello, I’m乔治蒂加努Sri Lanka, I came back a new article, this time on improving your site’s ranking in the search engines such as Google. This is where the traffic is. If you can get some keyword phrases that people pay attention to on the search engine, you will get a lot of traffic, which will help your business and make you money, regardless of the business you are promoting.

Traffic is profit!

Let me tell you something called SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and you must make your website SEO friendly to make them rank high in Google. Your website ranking depends on many factors, and we will discuss some basic factors so that you can understand how they work and how to turn them to your advantage.

You must be wondering what of these factors have the greatest impact on your Google rankings. If you ask me, I will clearly say that it is a backlink.

What is a backlink, right?

Well, let’s first consider search engines, like some machines, which continuously analyze data from all websites.

This is actually what search engines do. They will look at the content of the website and rank it according to the relevance of the content to the website’s keywords. But on your website pages, you have much more information. For every topic you can imagine, including the topics covered by your website, there may be thousands of other websites.

One factor that shows Google that a website is relevant is how many incoming links it has. These links can make a difference between two websites with comparable content, because a website with more content will be considered more useful to Internet users.

These are called inbound links, inbound links or backlinks, and they introduce people from other sites to you. The higher the quality of your website, the more backlinks you should get.

Google believes that backlinks are a recommendation, so they naturally believe that backlinks are important for building page rankings.

For example, I am sure you have found Wikipedia at the top of Google search results. There is a reason why they rank so high! 75 million domain backlinks! ! ! (I know it’s crazy, but it’s true!)

Now that we know how important backlinks are, we should discuss how to get them, right?

There are ways to achieve this, including:

feedback links – to find a website link, and let it link back to your

forum signature links – Forum posts allow signature, the signature may contain links

to comment on the blog – to top-ranking on the blog to add a link to your review

article directories, video sharing sites and links to other websites based on the content of the course, the more back links to your site, the higher it ranks on the search engines. But please note that this does not mean that you should buy some automated tools and only get 1,000 backlinks per day. It is questionable to establish backlinks at unnaturally high speeds or speeds. Google has a very low tolerance for spam, and even punishes or even bans websites!

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