Improve WordPress SEO 7 steps

There are many things you can do, you can install plug-ins to improve WordPress SEO. However, the basics are fairly simple, and the following steps will put your WordPress search engine optimization into a good state.

Use appropriate theme
many of the topics are designed to look good rather than help search engine optimization website. There are some theme designs with WordPress SEO ideas and using one of them is a good start.

Setting Permalink
ensure Permalinks set /% postname%, to ensure that post title (containing the keywords) located at the URL.

Control Yuan title and meta description
to install WordPress SEO plugin “integrated search engine optimization package”, which allows you to enter meta title and description will appear on search engines. It can automatically generate a description, but it is best to write it manually because you need to attract people to click on your website.

The control title
“All in one SEO package” also lets you control how the title is displayed. This is an example that looks best on search engines. I prefer the page/article title to appear on search engines, rather than the blog title at the back. One problem with

controlling duplicate content
WordPress SEO is that there will always be duplicate content on a WordPress site because the posts appear individually, for example, a different URL under their category. “All-in-one search engine optimization package” should be set to “noindex” this duplicate content.

Generate a sitemap
there are several plug-ins that can be used as a search engine (such as googlexml Sitemaps) build a site map.

Write good content for search engine optimization
Although this is the last point, this is the most important for WordPress SEO or any website. No matter how good your website structure and configuration are, if search engines don’t know what it is about, then it will be difficult for you to get a high ranking.

If your website is focused on one topic, and your pages and posts are internally linked, this will help. You also need external links to relevant authoritative websites. Every page/post should focus on a keyword and include it in the URL and title. Keywords should be used throughout the text (not excessive), especially in the first sentence. There should always be a graphic with keywords as ALT text. Fortunately, you can install a WordPress search engine optimization plugin to help solve this problem.

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