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, unfortunately, just submit your site to search engines it

does not drive traffic to your site. Url submission is

any effective search engine optimization strategy, but you also have to

find your items search to find a good location for anyone.

Your site is listed in the previous ten results

keyword is both a science and an art. Anyone can be

the only word or brand name, but in a generic keyword, it has a lot

more difficult. Search engine optimization can be difficult and confusing, but

once you know the key search engine

if you can get a satisfactory technical, persistence and reward.

Site Design Considerations:
A) Do not use the framework of

one of the biggest potential risk is that webmasters search engines

do not index the text in the frame. A frame is an HTML page that

“frames” other HTML pages. For example, search engines can index

the main content of the page rather than the navigation box around. It

is usually best when you create a non-frame version of the site.

If you must use a frame, include text in the markup.

Another solution is to create a page (without frame) as an entry

or other entry into your site

what they could see engines and indexes. Non-frame page optimization

because search engines often get a better list.

b) Try not to use dynamic URLs.

Dynamic pages are often ignored by search engine spiders. Dynamic URLs,

for example, are most common on database-driven sites.

create static versions of each page you want is very important


c) is not a complete FLASH Home

search engines can not index entirely FLASH The produced page. When you

submit a web page to link to the search engine spiders will follow the

page and list the rest of the site. The best remedy is

to create a site map that points to the use of

the site, add a standard HTML link on every page of your site’s link

to the site map

d) Do not use image maps as the only method of navigation

search engine Unable to index the codes that make up the image map. You can

use an image map on your site, but you should also include standard html

links. Like the Flash site, create a plain html site map

link to every page on the site. At the same time add a standard HTML link on each page

links to a site map of the site pages.

e) Do not use JavaScript as the only method of navigation

Search engines can not follow links in JavaScript, so the

site will not get spidered unless you also have some form standard HTML

hyperlinks that they can be tracked. You should add some form standard

HTML hyperlinks to all the pages on each page, so that

the site will be properly seated. A simple method is to create a

site map page uses standard HTML links to link

on site. Then add a standard on every page of the site HTML link

to the site map link to

carefully choose your keywords are
barking up the wrong keywords, all your efforts are in vain.

Choose the right keywords and you will see a dramatic increase in your traffic.

Therefore, most people think about what keywords like

might use when searching for your site.

Optimize your title tag
title tag of the page is a very important factor

in optimizing web search engines to consider. This is

because many engines and directories are very important

keywords found in the title tag. Title tag is also

the search engines usually what your article title as the use of

search results. Generally, we recommend that your title tag,

including spaces, be between 50-80 characters in length. The optimal level of

different search engines different

optimization tips Meta tag

we recommend in

the title tag, be careful not to just list keywords. If you only list

keywords you risk being viewed as a risk spam engine

eventually cause you to be included in search engines blacklist. Your

title tag should include your keyword phrases, while keeping close

in order to avoid any problems, try to make the sentence read.

Make your title attractive! Even if you get the No. 1 and do not forget

to log your listing on search engines still need to clarify some things

which makes the surfer want to click and visit your site. Because

the length of your title tag may be a bit long for some engines we

It recommended that as much as possible on the label begins with the keyword

so you do not risk being cut off danger. Each page of the site

should have a unique title tag, keyword and its

page it appears the

optimization of page content
of your web content is another very important factor in achieving

better search engine listings. Your page content is a

visitor will read from the book page. By search engines

look for keywords phrases like visit your web site.

Page content reminder:

We recommend that each page you submit contains at least 200 words.

This article should include your most important keyword phrases, but

should remain logical and readable. Including the phrases you

use in your other tags (ie metas, alt, headings, title, etc.) in

the optimization process. To your

site. For example, how-to articles, tips and hints or tutorials. These

types of content pages not only helps search engines and

other sites can link to them.

Optimize your meta tags. The
head element contains general information (meta information)

about a document. HTML element further comprises one yuan, which is located inside the head

element. The purpose meta element is to provide meta-information

about the document

in most cases, Meta elements provide for

related browser or search engine, as described in

your file. Some search engines will use the name and content

for the index page Meta tag attributes.

This meta element defines the description of the page:

Keywords This meta element defines page:

purpose of name and content attributes is to describe

the contents of a page. However, because too many owners use the Meta

spam label, such as duplicate keys, the higher the page

rank, many of the major search engines have completely stopped using them.

Where they belong: two correct position meta tag is

between the HTML and mark

up your pages. Their order is not important, but most people

usually described first, followed by the keyword meta. Label limit:

We recommend that your keyword Meta no more than 1024 characters

, including spaces. We recommend that you do not use the description meta tag

more than 250 characters (including spaces).

Meta Description Tip:

Make sure to accurately describe the page content when trying to

entice visitors to click on your items. Including 3-4

important keywords phrases, especially those used in your title tag

as well as a copy of

keeping your most important keywords appear in

your description. That often leads to better results, and helps avoid

any search engine cut off your keywords, if they limit the length of

your description

meta keyword ideas:

In addition to our other tips mentioned in below you should only use

you used on your web page keyword phrases,

title tags, meta descriptions, and other marks. Any keyword phrase

label you are using may not appear in your labels or other copies of page

There is not enough distinctiveness to help you list this phrase.

Repeat carefully! You want to include your most important phrases,

but doing so is difficult not to repeat a word

era. There is no limit, but we recommend not to repeat a word

more than five times in Meta keyword.

If your site has a particular interest in geographic content

sure to include the actual position in the keyword Meta.

Use optimized image
“alt” The

alt attribute is used to define the “alternative text” of the image.

the value of alt attribute is the text of the definition:

“alt” attribute tells the reader that he or she is

if the browser can not load images, the page returned. The browser then displays

replace text instead of images. This is a good practice

for each image on the page contains “alt” attribute to improve

your documents show that only the text of the person and the usefulness of

the browser

While not all search engines use Alt Tab, but it can help you

on some of these lists. We recommend that each word with 2-3 words

imagination and use it as

a text hyperlink to optimize
search engines use complex algorithms to determine who you are

linking to is closely related to the content of the page content. Some

engines look for keywords in hyperlinks and surrounding text

hyperlinks. We recommend including your most important keywords

link itself phrase, and possibly the surrounding text.

The title tag optimization
title with a mark to define

Define the maximum heading. Define the smallest headline.

This is a title

This is a title

HTML automatically adds an extra blank line before and after the title.

Although they are used less frequently due to the emergence of new technologies, HTML

title tags can help improve your listing in search engines.

You should include your most important keyword phrases in the title

tag on the page. Some search engines analyze

the page content

to avoid trying to do
optimization techniques search engines

you should not attempt in any way to trick the search engines, because you

are likely to be blacklisted them.

Exclude Meta keyword tags, keywords do not thereafter listed

anywhere on another page

an old trick is to try to use the same keyword filled page

color text as the background of the page. Search engines can detect this

and regard it as spam

submission restrictions: Some engines do not like more than a certain number of

submitted daily number of the same domain. If you exceed this limit,

you may find that your opinions that day have been ignored. Do not submit

any search engine to access the same page multiple times within 24 hours.

Do not submit the same page. You should give them a different

file name and change the title, if possible, change the content and

page keywords

do not use any keywords that do not directly use the keywords Meta tag

associated with the page content

Do not use keywords Meta tag any direct Keywords used

Related to the content of the page

I wish you good luck in search optimization engine!

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