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2011 2010 is a huge year for the entire Internet world. This year, the Internet superpower (Google) was challenged by the emergence of Facebook and super activities. The development of social networks continues to swift and violent. Mobile Internet surfing has experienced a huge leap in replacing traditional personal computers to surf the Internet. The iPad and iPhone have made it possible.

Internet Marketing Trends in 2011-What is the Search Theme?

Social networking has become a reality and will continue to grow more than it is now! In terms of market share, Facebook and Twitter will continue to compete fiercely with Google. This is especially true if the rumors of the Facebook search engine finally come true. More companies will continue to break the losses of traditional online marketing techniques and turn a lot of attention to social networking sites. Currently, social networks are a ubiquitous topic. In essence, you can reach a wider range of people in the process of promoting your business. Master the skills of how to achieve people’s attention on Twitter.

There may be a little change in search engine optimization in 2011; however, it will never stop being a major aspect of most companies’ online marketing strategies. The market will be concentrated in the “long tail” niche market, as it has been in the past few years, because big brands have caused oversaturation in a wide range of keywords (the competition for these keywords is very fierce). Smart marketers will look for long-tail keywords in their business niche and start quickly and easily snapping up low-competition keywords and low traffic. This gives them an advantage over their competitors in a niche market.

In addition, in 2011, we will continue to witness a substantial increase in the use of mobile devices to access the Internet. Many companies are realizing that applications can be valuable marketing tools. It is estimated that more people use mobile browsers to access the Internet than traditional computers. So, start thinking about mobile and make sure you have a mobile-friendly website.

In 2011, many mainstream companies will go deeper into blogs than ever before. Don’t be fooled by the traditional news columns on many people’s websites; as more and more people begin to value fresh information, web 2.0 will continue to soar. Search engines work tirelessly to ensure that they bring users the most relevant information, and of course the information is up to date. Therefore, those companies that need time to update information regularly will experience a huge shift in their rankings. In addition, in this year of 2011, we may see augmented reality technology finally enter the mainstream market.

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