Internet search engine optimization road to success is long

search engine optimization – the result of a long road to success exploring, suggestions and ideas to follow, the author optimization beginners in the original article, search engines. Through the ranking and ranking of these search engines on a global scale, you can better achieve higher search results than expected on the search engines.

In the original article “Search Engine Optimization Beginners”, I wrote several topics: my new business and the completely ignorant concept “search engine optimization”; the value of hiring search engine experts is limited and the cost is huge; how do I develop a Long-term plan to increase the visibility of my website on the Internet, after using an hour of expert time; and how another expert helped me understand the work that needs to be done, namely: 1) Add more quality to my website 2) Create important and relevant inbound links for my website.

In my opinion, the two most important things are writing articles for publications, plus finding websites that accept articles for publication, and researching competitors’ websites to find clues on how to obtain inbound links to websites. For other technical issues related to search engine optimization, I suggest you visit and read their article titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization”. You may need some technical help. You may need to hire an expert to implement some search engine optimization to your website; but you can do most of the hard work, namely writing for your website content and doing your own research. This will save you a lot of money.

Keywords are important. Keywords are defined as titles, subject titles, content notes, abstracts, or important words or phrases in the text of records in online catalogs or databases. They can be used as search terms in free text searches to retrieve all records that contain it. (According to the University of California Library, Colorado). When you write text for your site, the text should contain every keyword contained in your html code (this may require an expert to insert the keyword code in the html of your site).

How do you find the best keywords for your website? Research the competitor’s website repeatedly. Here is how to do it. Suppose your business sells baby clothes. Go to a search engine, such as Goggle or Yahoo, and enter “baby clothes”. Research each website that appears on the first three pages. On each site, use your computer to research the site’s keywords: Go to View on your computer, then scroll down and click PageSource. You can easily see the keywords in the public domain code; you can copy them; and then you can decide which one is best for your website. Why do you want to make a facelift? You can research it yourself.

A very popular baby clothing website has more than 5,000 pages of related content and more than 6,000 inbound links. This inspired Internet search engines to rank it at the top of the first page in baby clothing searches. Its page rank is 5. Obviously, this website has completed a lot of very hard work.

Another very important search engine optimization technique is to study the inbound links of your competitors. Here, you can find out how many pages their website has and see the most relevant inbound links. You can find relevant catalog links; you can find where they post information or articles about products or services.

Just go to and enter “”. There is a world of Internet information, as you can see.

By using the above techniques, I have greatly improved the position of several keywords on my website. This has increased the number of queries for my business services.

You can follow these simple techniques to achieve better results for your business! Don’t forget to add copyright ©2007-your company’s name at the end of your article, and a hyperlink to your website, which is your website address. I thought of my last thought. Don’t expect to have results right away. There seems to be a time difference, from a few days to a few months, collecting your efforts in different search engines. This process is slow and requires a lot of effort from you. However, I suggest you do as much of this work yourself as possible. The result is satisfactory and the cost is the lowest.

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