Internet users benefit from Search Engine / SEO cat and mouse

major Internet search engines and search engine optimization ongoing cat and mouse game has an interesting result between (SEO) Company: When these two groups trying to get each other’s mental state When defeating the other party’s system, the search capabilities of consumers of Internet services are also improving.

The result is this: each search engine develops a formula to produce the most accurate and relevant results according to the keyword search of Internet users, and then the search engine optimization company analyzes the functions of the search engine and develops a set of strategic systems to allow them Of customers use this formula. Common strategies include providing rich text blocks (several paragraphs of text containing multiple keywords may be crawled by search engines), general interest articles, embedded links, specific topics related to customers, development from other websites to customer websites Multiple links, as well as a combination of sponsored links and pay-per-click advertising (paid advertising that appears on other websites). The combination of these strategies can help improve the ranking of websites in search results, which is a valuable asset in cyberspace; if a company can land on the first page of a keyword search, the probability of Internet users visiting its website will soar.

Of course, once a search engine optimization company finds a formula for a particular search engine, the search engine will change the rules, because the person in charge of the search engine wants to provide the most accurate, up-to-date and relevant information, and does not allow website owners to play with this system . Of course, search engine optimization companies will respond with new and more complex strategies. The result of Internet users is to continuously improve their ability to search for the goods, services and information they need.

Google is the biggest game in town, but other search engines also have their followers; for example, AltaVista is popular among college students and serious researchers. There is also, a search engine that searches all other major search engines and extracts the most relevant results from each search engine. New search engines continue to and are two examples of new search engines with a wide following. A good search engine optimization company will develop strategies not only for Google, but also for all major search engines.

Of course, search engines are not perfect. The one thing they cannot do at present is to access specific information contained in numerous databases on the Internet. Federal, state, and some local governments have searchable free databases that allow users to access this information; other databases, such as ancestral websites, charge subscription fees for their use. For public information at the federal level in the United States, is a good starting point.

Web surfers also have search strategies. For example, try Google search for tax information. Type “taxes” in the keyword search bar and click search. You will see many of their advertising services on the IRS website. However, enter “” and you will open the same IRS website, followed by more government website pages, some of which may be more direct to get the information you need than through, and you don’t have to go through a Heap accounting firm. Enter “taxes” and you will be able to retrieve UK government information, and so on. Perform a keyword search on the general topic you are researching, and you should find relevant database sites. (By the way, if you want to see an example of a great search engine optimization strategy, you can search on “genealogy” and find all the links to ancestral sites on the sites you find everywhere!) With the search The cat-and-mouse game between engine companies and search engine optimization companies continues, and the result is expected to become a more complex, powerful and accurate technology for obtaining valuable information on the Internet. As the continued success of more and more new search engines shows, we may have only scratched the surface of our Internet information technology capabilities.

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