Is business blogging the new search engine optimization?

If I have seen it once, I have seen it a thousand times. The most common situation is that I will get a new customer with very little to medium traffic and less than 20-50 visits per day. He is interested in blogs and wonders if it is worth it if no one reads their blogs. Do.

My answer is that if your field of expertise supports the information needs of a particular field, then having a reasonable number of target visitors is not a problem. If they are willing to come from one search engine in six months, they will increase from one search engine to hundreds, or they will increase from one book to dozens in two months.

This begs the question-is blogging the new search engine optimization tool? Do you still need to pay thousands of dollars to try to get keyword rankings?

Of course, the answer is not as simple as it seems.

It is true that with the right blog configuration, responsible linking strategy, well-planned blog frequency, and well-thought-out keyword research, you can get more traffic from search engines. But part of the answer lies in technology and planning.

This idea, contrary to popular belief, is not to blog for traffic.

90-98% of people think that why your business should blog has nothing to do with network traffic. The idea is to maximize 8-10% of the blog traffic equation, rather than making it the focus of the exercise. In other words, learn how to make your blog do most of the traffic work for you, so you can blog from the bottom of your heart, no matter what topics your current customers and potential customers want to know.

That being said, even if you don’t understand how blogs can create additional influence in your website traffic, you can learn how to increase traffic to your blog and other parts of your website. You can do this without having to keep up with changing DIY SEO strategies.

However, if you use the wrong technology, or don’t have a wise plan, you may end up spending time trying to figure out the matching technology between your blog and various search engines, which is no better than what you do on your website Search engine optimization works much better.

So, choose your blogging platform and your blog training carefully-learn from people who have the results you want and can replicate these conditions for others. If finding a consultant is too expensive, there are some guides and online courses that are worth the return on investment and provide some support.

In this case, although it cannot replace the expertise you gain from people who know search engines, you can even build a mature blog to better use its natural traffic to attract assets. If you keep some key things in mind during the process of building your blog, and follow some guidelines when publishing, you can indeed get better search engine results through your blog. Blogging will only block traffic.

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