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This article explains how to use our industry knowledge, as Bournemouth SEO expert bodies, use our optimize your site so that you have the best chance at Google, The first page of Yahoo or Bing, not an expert. In this article, we cover search engine optimization strategies, keyword research, web page optimization, content optimization, backlinks, social network optimization, and article syndication. Bournemouth web design agencies are sometimes required to perform search engine optimization, depending on the web design agency, they may or may not be suitable to do so. This article is a simple step-by-step guide for the most basic web designer to achieve critical search engine optimization on any website and give it the best chance of success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a minefield; many clients I talk to ask a very common question “How can I get to the top of Google?” The problem here is that there is no magic button to do it. This, even more frustrating, is that you can spend hours, days, or weeks to optimize your website, and a few weeks after you leave it, another website may surpass you for various reasons. . Search engine optimization requires time, research, skills and intuition, so if you don’t have an extensive search engine optimization budget, you can at least help yourself read the following five tips. At Boen Digital Web Design Co., Ltd., you can get some basics of yourself Finish.

SEO Tip one: search engine optimization strategy

What is the strategy? First of all, you need to understand the competitiveness of a keyword on a competitive page, see who your competitors are at the top of the list on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and the content link thresholds they display. Expand your modifier base, expand your keywords to other markets and search, your competitors may miss out, this will always help push you further up the search ladder. Knowing what your main keyword or phrase will be is the best search engine optimization strategy, and you can put it in the appropriate place. Now you can use it. . .

Search Engine Optimization Technique 2: Keyword Research

You now have your keyword list, but you won’t stop there! In order to maintain good search engine optimization you need solid keyword research and ranking. Most SEO professionals are too rush to get their strategy in place to see how it is done, but a slow and systematic approach to SEO will see you achieve more success. You don’t have to do this yourself, use tools that already exist, such as Google Keyword Tool, Google Insight suggestions, and simple suggestions like Using these tools will give you a really clear indication of all the possible keywords and phrases you want to use, and what typical search volume you might see using them. What should we do now? Well, you have some of the most important information for SEO for your website, so. . . Save it! Open a new spreadsheet, record keywords and related typical traffic, and save. Now that you have this information, you can start asking some interesting business problems and put your findings into action holmium

search engine optimization techniques of the three: page optimization

comes to search engines, we all know that there are several large search engine , Such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are many others, but the bigger problem than the number of search engines is that we don’t fully know how each search engine algorithm works. Most search engine optimization is still calculated based on a series of tests and studies, looking at the search performance of the website under different conditions. The best practice is to optimize your web pages as accurately and thoroughly as possible, submit your web pages to search engines, and expect the best results. Make sure you are being indexed, and if you change any details on the site, make sure to resubmit the sitemap. Okay, so if you want to know how to optimize your webpage, then here is a small guide. . .

Title tag

your title should have an estimate of the number of words between 5-6, a counting frequency keyword, the keyword degree of protrusion (in the text) is at least 60%. A keyword that appears at the beginning of a specific area will have 100% prominence. Keyword prominence plays a vital role in determining website ranking, not only in search engines, but also in directories such as Yahoo and DMOZ.


The Alt tags attached to all images and other object data on the page should contain approximately 1 to 35 word counts, with a keyword frequency count of 1 to 2.

Hyperlinks and anchor

your hyperlinks and anchors should contain a keyword frequency ranging between 1-8.

The body of

your text, any remaining portion of the page, should contain a keyword frequency ranging between 1-6, the number of 300-400 words, and about 50% of the keywords highlighted degrees. Generally speaking, the total frequency of web pages should be between 5 and 20. A key tip here is to take the time to optimize each of your web pages to the best of your ability. It is much easier to do this when you build a web page than to browse them later.

SEO Tips four: original and optimized content

so once you put the above guidelines firmly placed in front of you, you can start to write original content. If you ask many SEO experts “if you can only give people one SEO suggestion, what would you give?” They often say that having frequent, interesting and original content is often the key. Think about this; it ticked a lot of SEO boxes (provided that you don’t violate any Google search rules) if the content is interesting, then people will want to read it, and if the content is unique, then your users will not be in Find content anywhere else (you will have many other sites linking back to your content-backlinks) if the content is regular, then users will bookmark you and come back again and again to see what’s new.

This brings us well into our last search engine optimization technique today—

SEO Tip 5: Page Link

As we said in the last tip, one of the contributing factors (if not the most important factor) is off-page links, sometimes called backlinks, deep links, incoming links, inbound links, inline links And inward links. The first thing to note is that a backlink game is not just a digital game. It may be more important to obtain safe, consistent and reliable links from partners (especially websites related to your website). The second point to note is that the name of a given link plays a big role in search engine optimization. For example, a local company called “property management southern” originally had an off-page link to the company’s website. The website simply states “visit our website” for more information. Currently, Google will mark as having a new inbound link, but if you wish, search engine optimization points Will match those search results for “” instead of keywords developed in the search engine optimization strategy. A better example is to add link text that matches the keywords defined in the second prompt, or matches what the end user is searching for, such as “Visit Bournemouth’s property management company for more information “, the following link points to the company website.

Warning: There are hundreds of ways to drive site traffic through page links, some are good, some are not so good. I personally stay away from a service that provides 10,000 backlinks in a day. I have heard many stories of Google blacklisted sites because their internal links have changed from a few hundred to a few thousand overnight. Once you are blacklisted by Google or banned by Google (basically removed from Google’s index list), you will have to send a resubmission request, which is handled by the real person checking your website. And from my research, once you violate the rules of Google webmasters, the possibility of being relisted is very small.

So, is there any way to keep you from being slapped by Google? Well, they are the real secrets and skills we are responsible for, but I will leave you here with some ideas to get you started:

social bookmarking

It is very important to actively participate in social bookmarking activities. Join all major social bookmarking sites, such as dig, delicious, stumbledUpon, etc. Bookmark your own pages, articles and press releases there, make friends and share your bookmarks. Social bookmarking sites are now well optimized, and are cached by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing every day. If your site’s content, links, etc. are bookmarks there, then you can expect your site to get cached by Google, Yahoo and Bing within 24 hours as well-see the power?

Social web / social group

has a lot of social networking sites allow you to create a page (Facebook, Myspace) or create a group (LinkedIn, Facebook), so to use them. Make sure you take advantage of these simple things-and make sure they have appropriate content.

Joint article

written about your website, articles and press releases its products and services. Submit articles to as many article submissions and press releases to major press release sites as possible. Don’t forget to leave the anchor text so that readers can also visit your website.

Business Directory

If you are a business, sell a product or service, you can register your enterprise (Yell, Thomsonlocal) on many local businesses directory This article shows you how to implement your own search engine optimization strategies, keyword research, Optimize your web pages, optimize your content, and understand and implement the backlinks of your web pages. You also learned some great tips and tricks, some best practice SEO and some shady SEO away from the wall.

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