Let a WordPress SEO plugin teach you to write search engine optimized content

is important that the content of your site is properly optimized search engine, you can install a WordPress SEO plugin to help this – there are many available. If your content is properly optimized, search engines will understand what your webpage or article is about, and it is highly relevant for the selected keywords (or keyword stage). You will be able to get the high ranking of the page or post and the lowest possible number of backlinks.

If your page/post is not optimized, you will need to build more backlinks to make it rank.

There are many WordPress SEO plugins that can help you set up page SEO in WordPress, but I want to look at a plugin called “SEOPressor”, which is a bit different. Search engine optimization is for the purpose of giving your search engine optimization a percentage or plugin.

It also provides suggestions for improvement, which you can then follow in order to get a score as close to 100% as possible. The problems that the WordPress SEO plugin checks include: It

is checking whether the selected keywords have been used in the title and title tags.

Check whether the keywords have been used in the first and last sentences.

Measure the density of keywords in the content. Some people suggest that your goal is at least 2%, but not at the cost of making the content unnatural.

Check if there is a graphic, if the keyword is in the ALT text-it can be added automatically.

Check the font decoration (bold, underline, etc.) of the keyword instance-it can be changed automatically.

Make sure that there is at least one internal link with a keyword as the anchor text.

Make sure there are external links, and these links are “not following”.

Of course, these are fairly simple things, you can easily generate a list and do it yourself. However, in practice, few people will self-discipline to do this, because it will be a very troublesome thing, so this is a very suitable task for software. The SEOPressor WordPress SEO plugin will display its results prominently in the upper right corner of the post/page screen, so it is difficult to ignore it, so you will be forced to obtain the correctness of the page SEO. When you do this, you learn what is necessary, and you start to do the necessary things for the first time, almost without thinking about it.

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