Let’s talk about search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization Guide for business owners

What is search engine optimization? Why is it so important? What are paid results and what are organic results? Let’s dive into the search engine optimization guide for business owners and make it clear to you.

During the initial consultation process, the client asked us several times about search engine optimization. Most customers have a basic understanding of the meaning of SEO, and they want to include it in the package of building or maintaining a website. However, they often don’t understand what it takes to optimize a website.

Search engine optimization is very important for a business owner. Why? SEO stands for search engine optimization. It only means improving a webpage or a website in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo! When users search for topics similar to our website, it will have a huge impact on traffic or our website. As a result, it increased sales and revenue. In most cases, just having a website is not effective. Many companies spend a lot of money on search engine optimization. According to the search engine land, by 2020, the value of the search engine optimization industry will reach 80 billion US dollars.

Paid results and organic results of

search engines will display two types of results when results are listed: organic and paid results.

What is the difference? How do we identify them?


Web site owners must buy, when users looking for certain topics, they will appear as paid results at the top of the sidebar or the search engine. These results have a small “advertisement” box below the title to let users know that this is a paid result.

Search engines claim that they will not add unwanted results on the search results page, and if there are no paid results that match the search, no results will be displayed. Paid search results are becoming very popular, and they belong to the category of search engine marketing.

What are the benefits of paid results? It is easier to reach the top of the ranking results.

Are there shortcomings? Savvy users know that these results are advertisements, and many times they ignore these results and scroll down to organic results. Every time a user clicks on a result, the website owner has to pay for this activity. There are many paying advertisers and the competition is getting fiercer.

Organic results

organic results of search engines is the site displayed by ordinary search. They are lower than the paid results (if any).

What are the advantages of organic results? Organic results are a good indicator of business success. Links near the top of the search results will generate more clicks. If your website seems to have a high click-through rate, web users will consider giving you their business.

Are there shortcomings? It usually takes at least 3-6 months to see results. If you are going to launch your website, don’t expect it to show up high in search results in the first few months. Google has more than 200 factors in ranking a website, and it takes time to climb.

Although you, as a website owner, may be able to complete some necessary tasks to generate beneficial search results, such as writing a new content for your website, several other technical factors are the website’s performance and strategy. That is where we can help! The SEO Guide for Business Owners will continue next week with another blog on how to make SEO work for you.

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