Link Building: How to outperform their competitors in 2021

for ranking in the top competitors, your website needs to establish more authority than the other sites. This can be achieved by receiving inbound links from authoritative websites, building your brand awareness and maintaining close contact with your audience. This article is about establishing high-quality links and increasing authority in your field.

Don’t believe us, the importance of link building, Google has confirmed this. They stated that quality content and backlinks are two of the three most important search engine optimization factors they consider when determining website rankings. Based on experience, you are likely to find that spam sites link to other spam sites, and trustworthy sites link to other trustworthy sites.

So, in order to make your website look trustworthy, you need to keep looking for a trustworthy website and get a backlink from it.

This article will answer the following questions:

What is a backlink?

How to get other websites to link back to your website?

Let’s break it began

what is backlink?

Backlinks, also known as “external links” or “inbound links”, are hyperlinks composed of HTML that point to a website from another website. Having a lot of backlinks is like having a good reputation.

Imagine if you go to Rome on vacation and you meet three people, they are all unrelated, you ask them where is the best pasta restaurant, and their answer is “Luigi restaurant near Vatican City”. You might think Luigi is the best place to eat authentic pasta. Backlinks have the same effect on search engines.

Internal links

we talked about earlier in the course of internal relations, but we think we will briefly review the next section. Internal links are used to connect pages on the same website. A large number of internal links pointing to a page on your website will give Google a signal that the page you are pointing to is important and they should look at it. This concept can be applied to the use of backlinks, as long as it does not spam, it can be very effective in seeking higher search rankings.

EAT company

if you are familiar with Google’s search quality score guidelines, you will know they are very important in the concept of EAT. This represents expert, authoritative and trustworthy, and if you score low in any of these, then you can bet your ranking will reflect this. You see, websites that do not meet these characteristics will be considered low-quality, so search engines will not be beneficial to them.

This acronym should be considered the magic formula and secret future proof of your website. By following these guidelines, you will provide excellent value to your visitors, which is exactly what Google is looking for.

Links to your site

the higher the importance and popularity of a website, right from the site link weight will be. Wikipedia is an example. They actually have thousands of different sites or sites of all shapes and sizes directly linked to it. This shows that the search engine has a lot of professional knowledge, cultivated authority, and is a trustworthy website.

If you want to increase the authority of your website, then you need to get backlinks from trusted websites that demonstrate the quality of EAT. Don’t worry, you don’t need to track down sites as big as Wikipedia, but they must provide useful content for searchers.

With or not with

Backlinks should be considered as votes. The rel = nofollow code enables you to directly link to a resource while at the same time removing your “vote” for search engine purposes. As the name very much suggests, a “nofollow” link tells a search engine not to follow it.

This type of link does not pass link fairness, but may be useful when linking to a web page that is untrustworthy or has a lower authority score.

For example, if you decide to write an article on fire safety in the workplace and add links to some of the resources you use. If one of the source sites is untrustworthy, you can provide a signal to Google telling it that you don’t trust it. Remember that spam sites link to spam sites, so you need to make sure that Google does not see you from this perspective.

You should seek a natural balance between follow and nofollow on your website. Here are some advantages and examples of these two types:

Tracking backlinks-these types of links will deliver link fairness, which will allow your page authority to grow. For example, if you write an article about baking sponge cakes, allow another website to post on their page in exchange for credit. Here you can create an HTML code that directly links back to your website.

Nofollowbacklinks-Even if these types of links are not good for your page permissions, they can still increase website traffic. An example of nofollow backlinks are user comments on blog posts on other people’s websites. If your comments are compelling, informative, and add value, then it is likely that other visitors will click on your website.

It is important to note that one of the most popular places to get backlinks is website directories. Although this may seem like an easy victory, they are often not, do not track backlinks, and do not count towards your domain authority.

Backlink profile

“Backlink profile” refers to the total number, quality, diversity, and many other factors of links pointing to your website. A search engine will read and evaluate your backlink profile to understand the quality of your website. The backlink profile of all websites is a major search engine optimization factor that needs to be monitored.

There are hundreds of free tools that can analyze your backlink profile, but our favorite and most popular network is’Ahrefs Backlink Checker’. There is a free version and a paid version, and the cost is very low. The free version gives a link breakdown of a website, as well as a determined domain name authority score.

The importance of a healthy backlink profile

When backlinks first became a decisive search engine optimization factor for search engines, people immediately began to manipulate algorithms for their own benefit. There are several ways to obtain artificial backlinks to improve search engine rankings. Although this is a simple solution, it violates Google’s terms of service and may result in huge penalties, and even a website is deleted, which basically means the game is over.

Don’t cut corners in order to reach the finish line faster, establish and maintain a healthy backlink file to ensure that your business can stand the test of the future.

The importance of a healthy backlink profile comes down to the way search engines view your website. If they can see that you have high-quality, natural backlinks, and have established your page authority, then they will reward you.

Edit Link

What is editor backlinks? Why are they important? These types of backlinks are created by other websites that want to link to your website. You can obtain high-quality backlinks by providing publishing sites with the high-quality content they wish to publish on their sites.

Don’t think that if you string together a few sentences about driving regulations and send it to an online car magazine, they will publish it and you will receive a backlink. Your content must be the best and most interesting resource they have read on a particular topic.

These types of links are our favorite because they do not require your main work, other than investing time to create a high-quality content.

Stick to what you know, write down things that interest you, and have fun! If you are happy while writing, it will be reflected in your content and will keep the reader’s attention longer.

Relevant backlinks

when creating a backlink profile, it is important to keep in relation to your niche. For example, if you sell second-hand cars, backlinks from online car publications are much more important than backlinks from wedding photography websites.

In addition to the possibility of you finding more customers on websites related to your business, it is worth noting that if you have a variety of backlinks covering other topics, search engines may be confused. Keep it relevant!

Do not engage in spam

As you already know, Google does not like to be manipulated, so that they think it is spam people impose heavy penalties. One of the main factors that cause errors in search engine optimization is anchor text.

Using anchor text is an excellent way to tell search engines about the content of a page. However, too many backlinks with the same anchor text will be displayed to search engines, and you are trying to manipulate your website’s search engine rankings. Be careful and maintain the quality of the content.

A good analogy can help you understand this concept. Imagine you meet five different friends at different times on the same day and ask them what they were up to that day. This is everyone’s exact answer:

“My day starts with a bowl of shredded paper, and then I walk with my dog ​​Todd on the beach. After returning, I made myself a sirloin steak and asparagus. Holmium

this will be more than strange, how it sounds suspicious? This is the same principle for Google. Using anchor text to describe the content of the target page is an excellent way to support search engines to understand the content of the page. Too many descriptions of the same, well, it will just look suspicious and it can be considered spam.

Qualified website traffic

though a healthy backlink profile is established for the major search engines, it is important to remember that you should focus on getting links that will bring qualified traffic to your site.

If you are selling dog collars online, create links from dog-related websites such as puppy training or dog grooming forums. These types of sites will have an audience, and they will find the value of your content and products.

How to avoid

some link building method is still very popular in the modern era, but it comes to unnatural method sneaky, search engines are against them.

One way to avoid it is to buy links or participate in a link building exchange program. You add multiple backlinks to your website to exchange backlinks from other websites. There seems to be nothing wrong with this, but it is not justified and you may be punished.

The rule of thumb is to never try to manipulate website rankings. Create links naturally and watch your website grow.

Link building requires three things to avoid

buying links – search engines can not even identify the exact link to the site to buy, there are some signs that their robots can be identified. Buying backlinks will only end in one way, that is, severe penalties and a significant drop in search engine rankings.

Link exchange-Have you received emails or messages like “If you link your website to me, I will link my website to you” on social media? This may be a gray area now, so please pay attention. It is the perfect link to a partner website or supplier, you use, or even a customer. What Google dislikes, however, is the large number of link exchanges with non-affiliated websites. This method will lead to punishment.

Directory links-In the early days, you could sit at your desk for a few weeks and add your website to every imaginable online directory. Today, they are not important because they are easily available. This means that people still use online directories and may have the opportunity to receive additional traffic, which you may never receive. No matter how you look at it, using a directory to receive a backlink is classified as manipulation. If your entire backlink configuration file contains only directories, then your website will look garbage.

Successful eight steps

in this section, we have discussed many ways to be avoided, but Zhidezhuyi step is to build a successful link. The following are the 8 most important points to consider when building a link profile:

earn-write information, high-quality content and earn backlinks from other websites using editorials.

Authority-forget low authority pages, they won’t help. The real results will come from pages with high domain authority.

Progress-Your link profile should gradually increase over time. Don’t create 1000 links in a few days, because it looks like garbage.

Relevance-Build backlinks from websites that are related to you or your niche.

Anchorage-Use anchor text to make it relevant to your page, but don’t overuse them.

Qualified-Bring qualified traffic to your website and show an active interest in your product or service.

Mix-create a healthy combination of follow and nofollow links.

Naturally-get the link naturally, don’t try to run until you can walk.

Build quality backlinks

link building can take many forms, it is very important, a good mix from a range of sources of high-quality backlinks. The following parts of this section will delve into the best ways to obtain high-quality links.

Partner link

an easy thing to start – partner link. List all your partners and contact them to see if you can put your logo or domain name on their website. A great way is to create a digital “partnership badge” that you can put on your website as a strong, interrelationship sign.

Blog link

if you do not have a blog, you need to build one. As we all know, as part of the link building strategy, Google engineers will personally recommend blog posts. Blogs have an unparalleled ability to publish consistent new content, while linking back to different web pages all the time. They have a very high conversion rate in search engine results because of how specific search queries they are.

However, be careful when posting comments on other blogs. Even if you will receive a nofollow link back from that page, they are considered low quality because of their nature, they can get it.

Unique resource

in the era we live in, to create a unique resource is not easy. It usually feels like everything is done, but if you can create a unique, high-quality resource, then you are the winner.

It helps if your resources are visually attractive, prompt interest, are new, and can arouse strong emotions. It is also worth making it specific to a location.

The purpose of this is to share your resources with as many publishers as possible, you can reach them and link them back to your web page. Make sure you keep it specific and the target website has a similar audience with your own.

Community Involvement

There are many ways to integrate you into the local community and gain valuable backlinks to your website. Community does not necessarily mean a local football club under the age of 11. It can be a variety of genres, clubs and educational projects. Here are some ideas to keep your creativity flowing:

Sponsor a local club or organization. Clubs usually put the sponsor’s logo and backlinks on the website.

Host an event or seminar that engages the community. Let them write on their personal or business blogs.

Donate to local charities. Try to establish working partnerships with charities.

Loyalty programs can help increase your local brand awareness.

Host a local contest and offer discounts to enter anyone to share to their own webpage, along with a link.

Collaborate with other like-minded local business owners to create an organization that helps the local community.

All these points are real and natural strategies to get backlinks from your website. It will also paint a positive corporate picture and support brand awareness.

Rewrite the contents

of your back-end platform should provide statistical data for your web page, so you which pages are most popular highest conversion rate can be seen.

It is important to keep the content on these pages fresh and updated.

You may find that some of your niche websites are linked to a resource website with outdated content. Well, here is your chance to approach these websites and provide links to your website. Remember, they want to provide their customers with the best experience and only want to link to the best content. Make sure your article is the best they have read, and you will most likely receive a new backlink.

Stay up to date

on your site will always be new controversial topic, and will increase your participation. Be newsworthy and relevant to the world around you.

Remember, humans are naturally nosy people, and you can use this when proposing new content for publication.

Measurement result

Hope you have now gained some valuable insights on how important links are and how to build a high-quality backlink profile. If you cannot measure the results and understand what is effective and what is ineffective, then what is the use of this knowledge. This part of the course will guide you how to track your performance.

The number of

the most accurate way to track and understand how effective your link building is to count the total number of links to your page or site. There are many tools online that can help you achieve this. Our favorite is Moz’s linkexplorer.

By using a tool like this, you can see if the number of backlinks is as high as you planned. You will be able to cross-reference the content of each page to understand which ones are valid and which ones are invalid. This process is about learning, you need to ask several questions at the same time.

Is your content better than others on the topic of your choice?
Link building is not as effective as people think. One of the most common reasons is that the content is not as valuable as other web pages.

Revisit the content, understand what other people are doing well, and create better things.

Can you do more to promote your content?
Please don’t expect people to find your content and immediately want to link to it. Send emails, promote on social media, talk to your existing contacts, show off your work, and get some excitement. It is even worth using your most popular web page to link to your new content.

How many backlinks do you need to compete with search engines?
By using SERP analysis tools, just like Moz’s keywordexplorer, you will be able to view a report that outlines who is ranked for a particular search term and how many links you have. This is very useful when you come up with a link building strategy, because you can see at the top of the search engine results how many links you need to see.

Are the backlinks you received of high quality?
Remember, its quality is higher than quantity, even if other pages may have hundreds of links, if you can get some high-quality links, you will be in a dominant position. A link to a high domain authority website is more valuable than 20 links from directories, blog comments, and other low-quality websites.

Growing domain authority

of this section has been explained, over time, using the “follow” tag to build high quality links to boost your domain authority.

You can also obtain more page permissions through other methods. Social media, a growing industry, has become a part of our daily lives. This is also a great place to share your valuable content and let your audience know what you are doing. This will encourage them to expand this awareness to their network by sharing posts.

Although you can share links on social media, they are not classified as backlinks and therefore have no direct impact on your SEO score.

Social media platforms do have their uses:

sharing can directly increase website traffic and visits.

Attract new audiences

to increase brand awareness

increase trust in the brand

add links to other sites

site visitors might find you through social media, so they can link back to your website, because the content is so high quality.


search engines all about the user experience, so they want to sites they trust the most front of their audience. Trust mainly depends on the number and quality of backlinks a website has.

Search engines also consider some other determinants: do you

answer a website’s question?

Integrity-Are they honest and do what they say they can do?

Can they communicate their message clearly?

Value-Are they focused on providing value to tourists?

Quality-Is the quality of the product or service better than other products or services?

Comments-Do people have any good comments about them?

The last point in this list is often overlooked, but it happens to be extremely important to a company’s reputation. In an era of complete transparency and the ability to unearth anyone’s taint, negative comments can ruin a business.

Our goal is to always provide excellent customer service, or sell the best quality products, but sometimes things are beyond our control and we face a backlash.

When maintaining your online reputation, you need to consider the following:

Don’t review your own business or ask your employees to do it.

Don’t offer rewards or rewards in exchange for positive reviews.

Don’t pay intermediary companies to let them leave a positive review of your business.

Do not leave comments to the customers

do not write negative reviews about competitors.

Don’t let customers in your building leave comments. If multiple comments come from the same IP address, it can be assumed that a company is sending spam.

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of any review platform you registered.

Although it may seem harmless to leave a false comment, it is actually a major global problem. This violates the government’s advertising guidelines, and if found guilty, he will be fined a huge fine. Fake reviews are really not worth it, so don’t be tempted.

So how to improve your online reputation? The simple answer is to provide excellent customer service.

Combining excellent customer service and following search engine guidelines, you are creating a successful formula for establishing domain authority and trust.

Finally, if the domain name authority to establish shared great content in the enterprise, to earn a good reputation backlinks and make customers happy. If you can check all these boxes, you are on the road to SEO success.

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