Link text: Your SEO success strategy (self-respect) does

this sound familiar? “What you say is as important as what you say. This is a cliché that is often said by people you have to listen to but you don’t respect. You know the kind of people-they say “Let’s start thinking outside the box.” And other profound ideas. But, in this case, they are right because we are talking about links.

Specifically, we are talking about the link text “what do you say” means when you get the backlink of the site When linking, what keywords did you use in the link text. Usually, but now always, you can choose words as the link text. This is the advantage you need to take advantage of. Here are some things

you need to know: Click on keywords in the link text. Don’t just use your company name or website. You are wasting opportunities to help yourself and your business. If you have to use your name or website, or use it often. But use it most or all of the time It’s all asking

for trouble. Target multiple keyword phrases. You may have a few keywords, your goals, and suit your business. If you don’t, you should. As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one In the basket. In your link text, make sure you use those different keywords. Mix them together. This will not only help you rank with different keywords, but also prevent spam penalties. If google is on your Seeing the same keyword in all backlinks, they can treat it as “unnatural” SEO (ie spam) and use it to deal with you. Don’t be angry and cry. Find those different keywords and use them They.

Despite what we said in Section 2, you still have to use your most important key phrases more than others. Just as the goal of your website homepage is the most important keywords, you should also Concentrate on your link text. Use these keywords in the links you get a higher percentage.

Remember, links should be read logically. It should be a danger to fill keywords to the point where the link text is pure gibberish Signal. If it doesn’t read well, you may need to modify and rewrite it. Except for search engine spiders, you never know if anyone will see your link. It’s not a good practice to look unprofessional or you’re just another rubbish The sender of the mail.

You should also remember that these are long-term strategies for search engine success. Proponents of short-term, quick fixes may disagree and tell you to fill, fill, and fill those keywords. Finally, you have to call your link and link text. Remember, the way you behave online is your reflection, and it sets the pattern for your business behavior. Just an idea.

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