Make full use of the search engine loopholes search engine optimization strategy

you may have heard of black holes – not the astronomical black hole – but do not know what they are, do not know how to use your website and Google, Yahoo and other major search engines they! , And MSN. First of all, it is important to understand that black holes in search engines will seriously affect the quality of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

For example, Google is currently in a leading position in the popularity and technology of online search engines. Its function is to allow users to search using words or phrases. This situation will only happen more frequently as text-to-speech applications expand. The way Google applied these words and phrases immediately made the first mistake in its indexing and search strategy. Here, there is a big black hole in the accuracy of Google search results. Where is this black hole? Whenever you use smaller common words in a Google search phrase, it will provide you with different results than using other common words. The following example explains this.

If you perform the following search:

• Toronto Hotels

• Toronto Hotels

• Hotel Toronto

• About Toronto hotel

each will receive different results. Although Google will tell you that you used a common word, and this word has been excluded from the search scope, but it will still provide you with different search results based on the word you use.

Obviously, all the above searches are for the same thing, but because the phrases are small words, they get different results. Why? This is because the Google search algorithm is a black hole

when a person changed the word from the singular to the plural, or when a change in grammar, as well. For example, the following search will produce different results:

• Debt Management

• Debt Management

• Debt Management

Again, these are apparently searching for the same thing, but produced entirely different results. On your own computer, try these two examples with Google and you will see it with your own eyes.

It is important to realize that in these two examples, all searches produced relevant results. However, even though they are both correct in context, in fact, searching for the same thing will indeed give different lists depending on their wording (from top to bottom), and the ranking of the site will also be different.

How does this affect you and your search engine optimization? Suppose you are running a website that sells widgets. You have done a lot of work to ensure that it is fully search engine optimized, even reaching the point where you rank second for the keyword “widget” in Google. It costs a lot of work and maintenance, but you have done it…except that your target market does not use the keyword “widget” to search for widgets. They diversify their search terms, and almost the world is typing “widgets”. In addition, when you check your ranking with the word “widgets”, you will find that your ranking has dropped to 23!

Although your work will bring you an increase in traffic, because your ranking is “widgets”, it will be much higher than if you incorporate “widgets” into your search engine optimization strategy.

When you create a search engine optimization strategy for your website, if you want to ensure that you get the highest results, it is important that you not only include your main keywords in your efforts, but also add a basket. Keywords to cover all your bases.

By ensuring that you use your phrases in all (or at least many) ways in your target market, you will bring in more traffic and customers will be ready to buy your products or services. If you are not qualified to do this alone, it is worth investing in an expert who can optimize your search engine to a level that will cover all your most important keywords.

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