Make your site easy way to immediately listed in the search engines in

the past, I submitted an application to the many search engines, so my new Internet site listed in Google or other search engines. But it took me too long to see my brand new Internet site locate their index (about six weeks or more).

However, now I know how to index in Google within 48 hours. I have proved this. So, what can you do? My suggestion is: never at! You must never use this form or any other submitter form from major search engines.

There are two main techniques that allow your website to log in to Google in just 48 hours:

All articles written on your website are written by yourself! Once we have done this, we will have access to many recognized article directories, and we only need to upload our articles to these sites. After they add our articles and hyperlinks to their website, the major search engines will check their website and then follow all the links on their website. One of the hyperlinks will be a hyperlink to our website, and then boom! Our website is actually listed in Google and other search engines.
Make sure you send your article to an article directory, such as this directory, to get more one-way links. The more one-way links you get, the faster you get the index. You will find more list of article directories, just type “article directory” in Google search.

Try to get a high Pagerank website link to your page! Whenever you manage to get a PR6 website link to your Internet website, you will be indexed by Google in just 3 days. If you can find a PR7 website linking to you, you will generally be indexed in Google within 24 hours!
In order to be able to convince anyone to add your link to their webpage, you should give them a good reason to do this. Connect with those with your website and try to find a strategy where you can provide them with something that their visitors might take advantage of if they add your link.

Another way is that you can buy backlinks from high-level PR sites such as,, or You can buy their backlinks, but only for one month, no more. As an example, you buy a PR7 hyperlink for 1 month. You don’t need to continue next month, because you are already in Google’s index! If you are a PR7 website linked to a payment website, you will be listed on Google within 24 hours without your job.

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