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so you wrote a great article, of course, it needs to spread on the network to help a lot of readers and generating traffic to your website. A high-quality article with good information will be on the Internet for a long time, ensuring that the load of one-way incoming links, high position in the SERP and permanent traffic will push your website to new heights.

The first step is to submit your article to the article directory. There are hundreds of general and niche article directories, ready to publish your high-quality articles with backlinks to your website. The question is how will you submit, and in which directory will you submit? Of course, you don’t want to see your article “bot” in the pornographic article directory or the sports article mistakenly placed in the article directory of the commercial category.

You may have encountered

“a fully automated article submission service that can submit articles to thousands of publishers around the world in a few seconds!”

There are many other software that claim to automatically submit thousands of article directories. In the article. The charges are very cheap, and so is the result. Please consider these facts before using software or services for automatic submission.

Each article directory is unique, they

allow the use of html code in the article

there are links in the main content in

the number of links per article, ranging from 2-7

different categories and sections. (Some categories may be less than 12 categories, while other categories are more than 100 categories, and the category name are inconsistent in the catalog)

different types of forms input

registration confirmation method and

the CAPTCHA (image confirmation) – with a digital image, you must be manually enter.

Approve the articles of association

the maximum number (some limited to 10 / user) for each user of the article

article length

The best article directories oppose automatic submissions, and it is considered spam. No automated software or service can take into account the differences in the above article directories and submit them to the article directory. In fact, most article directories will manually review articles and submissions, and sooner or later the automatically submitted content will be discovered.

What is manual submission of articles? How is it better than automatically submitting articles?

Manual submission means to manually analyze the location and content of the submission in the catalog, and manually complete the submission of each article to ensure a good acceptance rate of the article.

Manual article submission involves

Finding the right article directory, create a unique account, and submit the correct type of articles.

Modify the article according to the needs of different directories. This includes

adding and removing html code in the article as needed. Different article directories have different forms to input articles, and different article directories have different input fields.

Add, delete, format, and locate links according to specifications. (Some article directories accept only 3 links, and some directories accept an unlimited number of links. Some directories accept the html code of the link, while others have a hyperlink option in their system. Some directories only accept what they provide The link in the specific text area)

confirm article submission (image confirmation, email confirmation) wherever needed, and coordinate with the editor of the article catalog.

The advantage over automatic submission of articles is that,

first of all, manual submission of articles is the only method for article directory approval, and automatic submission of articles is considered spam.

The article catalog is divided into categories and subcategories. The editor manually reviews the submission of each article and uses enough data to evaluate the relevance of the article. When manually submitting an article, the article will be submitted to the relevant directory under the correct category, which is not possible in the case of automatic article submission. Automated software cannot adequately submit to any article directory because it cannot study the structure of the directory and decide which category is most suitable.

Articles are submitted by manual submission according to different input systems of different catalogs. The automatic submission only publishes a set of predefined data, regardless of input fields, which will result in incomplete submission and then rejection.

Do not skip any article directories when submitting articles manually. Any image confirmation and email confirmation are completed immediately, which is not possible with automated software. If for any reason the article catalog is closed or the article submission fails, then it will be carried out at another time.

Emphasize more on niche article directories related to the topic of your website. Good acceptance rate, so there are more links than automatic submission.

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