Many online retailers enjoy free shipping on

many online retailers offer free shipping during the holiday. Learn more about this phenomenon here.

Free shipping has become a necessary condition for many online retailers to better compete with physical retailers. In fact, many online marketing companies in Boston are suggesting that e-commerce sites provide customers with delivery promotions, in order to obtain some urgently needed customers during this year’s busy holiday shopping season.

In this industry, providing free shipping has become a must, so that during the holidays, it has become a standard quotation. According to a recent article in the New York Times, many online retailers are extending the dates when they usually offer free shipping. The report also mentioned that 90% of online retailers will provide free shipping sometime during the holiday shopping season. Many retailers are also extending the dates for offering such shipping promotions. 86% of those who offer free overnight or two-day delivery will extend these offers until December 22 this year.

Retailers always remind their customers of this offer. In fact, many Boston search engine marketing companies have seen online retailers add the keyword “free shipping” to the keywords of their search engines’ online promotions.

Although such promotions are popular during the holiday shopping season, free shipping is quickly becoming a standard service for many retailers throughout the year. The lower freight rates of commercial operators and the lower operating costs of e-commerce sites have prompted many e-commerce sites to provide this service to their customers.

This trend is not surprising, because according to a recent market observation report on individual consumers’ online shopping, shipping options and related costs are important considerations for online consumers. It doesn’t make much sense for a person to buy a product online, but in the end you have to pay more for it, because the extra shipping will cause its cost to be higher than the cost of buying it in a retail store. This explains why many websites now offer free economy-class transportation services, especially when buying large-scale products such as TVs and computers.

This is not only beneficial to consumers, but also to other industries related to e-commerce. Shipping companies such as FedEx (FedEx) and United Parcel (UPS) have recently seen an increase in online order shipping rates due to offering lower shipping rates to commercial customers. There are also many Boston web development companies that have redesigned their customers’ websites to make their free shipping offers more prominent on their customers’ websites to attract more shoppers.

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