Mining Flow – unwanted traffic

you want to make more than 70,000 of Digg users simultaneous access to your website? Maybe you will like Slashdot with more than 100,000 users.

Nowadays, everyone is trying to get traffic from these social media sites, and the boom in listing on these sites is sweeping the Internet. For example, on Digg, people try to submit news as they happen, and through blog links, hoping to make it to the front page. Most of the stories on Digg are made up of this kind of blog spam.

But the question is, is this really useful for those who end up on the front page?

To answer this question, we must first ask ourselves what we want to achieve by listing on these sites. If the reason is a direct visit, then we are rewarded with useless clicks, people who only spend a few seconds on our website, then leave and never come back. But if our goal is to get better search engine rankings, then it may be beneficial to us.

If you want many of these people to click on many of the ads you run on your website, then don’t bother. Traffic from social media sites such as Digg and Slashdot is not organic traffic. Therefore, it is wishful thinking to hope that these people can click on ads or browse other pages on your website. I will go further and say that if the surge in traffic is the cause, then it is not worth it when you consider the cost of bandwidth.

Traffic analysis is as follows:

Most of the traffic will

go back

spend time on the pages they visit

will visit other pages on your site

will register your newsletter

will click on any ads

will bookmark your site

So the only reason to get a ranking on your social network is to get these good search results. Once your website is mentioned on these sites, you will start to get new links to your website, other people‚Äôs blogs, your articles/new stories, etc. These links will grow strongly in the first few days and in turn will improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

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