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the recent economic crisis seems to have changed online shoppers on how to shop, where to shop and what to buy the idea. According to a survey by PowerReviews, online shoppers now spend more time reading reviews before making a purchase. 64% of shoppers said that they spend at least 10 minutes reading product reviews before purchasing a product, up from 50% in 2007. The same report stated that 33% of shoppers spend half an hour or more on comments, up from 18% in 2007. These statistics clearly show the importance of online reviews.

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online reviews are valuable features, plays a key role in influencing customer purchase decisions. Online reviews are sought after by customers who use the Internet at every stage of the purchase process because they provide existing customers with experience in terms of models, services, policies, etc. It is important to include online reviews and recommendations in the website, as they help retain existing customers and build initial trust among potential customers. Online reviews have a positive impact on sales by increasing the confidence of existing and potential customers.


potential customers believe online reviews from other customers real and true opinion, and that they received accurate information. Online reviews are an effective way for online retailers to communicate with customers. A large number of positive reviews on the website mentioned a customer’s satisfactory experience, which is likely to instill confidence in potential customers. Potential customers will feel more comfortable and satisfied after reading a large number of customers’ comprehensive evaluations of the product.

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typically lists a group of them will focus on the purchase of the brand / company in the short-list clients, called the consideration set. Consumer-generated content, such as product or website ratings and reviews, and consumer ratings and reviews, can determine whether a brand is included in the consideration of online shoppers. Information in customer ratings and reviews can be used to make purchase decisions. In addition, positive reviews can improve customers’ attitudes towards the product. Online reviews can help your product find a place within consumers’ consideration.


Online reviews and recommendations on online retail sites provide assurance to new customers that products represent professionalism, quality, credibility and safety. The comments of previous customers reassure potential customers that this is a safe transaction. Online reviews also increase conversion rates because they increase the trust and confidence of first-time visitors. Existing customers and new customers will confide in online retailers who will eventually increase sales.

Social media sites have not yet won the trust of consumers

PowerReviews’ survey also shows that social media sites, including Facebook, have not yet won the trust of consumers. The top three review destinations are general retailer websites (65%), followed by brand manufacturer websites (58%), Amazon (53%), review sites (37%), and professional print publications (27%) And professional or hobby sites (15%). Only 6% of respondents said that social media sites are their preferred destination for comments.

Online reviews are based on online customer service. Since shoppers attach great importance to customer service, positive reviews will lead to better customer service. A survey conducted by Stella Service found that e-commerce sites known for good customer service have more loyal online customers. This year, the average American consumer is willing to spend 9.7% more on quality customer service. And online shoppers are willing to pay 10.7% or even higher for good customer service. With more comments on the Internet, shoppers can easily find and read. They show interest in finding information that is useful to them. So we can say that online reviews will affect consumers’ buying behavior.

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