Need a shortcut to transportation? ?

On the Internet, traffic has always been regarded as a premium. There are also good reasons. If there is no traffic, e-commerce sites will not be profitable, and PPC sites will only waste network space.

Traffic is the driving force for sellers, and it also provides hope for emerging marketers. With a reliable source of traffic, anyone can make a profit.

It is obvious why the transportation fee is so high. Without customers, no business will succeed. On the Internet, customers appear in the form of traffic. Since statistics play such an important role in website productivity, if you can maintain a consistent conversion rate, more traffic directly leads to more sales, which means more money.

With such an emphasis on traffic, driving traffic has become a major problem for Internet marketers. Those marketers who can drive more traffic have more power, and those who cannot drive more traffic are constantly looking for shortcuts to traffic.

There are many different types of transportation shortcuts, mostly in the form of transportation exchanges. Traffic exchange is a website that will guarantee the traffic of any website in exchange for the owner to browse the list of websites. This exchange is fair and usually links the guaranteed traffic to the number of pages viewed by the website owner. For example, if I want to visit my website, I will get a list of visited websites. In a simple scenario, if I visit 100 sites, then my site will have 100 users.

Traffic exchange may be effective, but most marketers find the traffic obtained from this exchange is quite useless. Shortcuts are usually shortcuts for a reason. If they work well, everyone will use them, and they will become the standard way of driving traffic.

A more effective shortcut, your way of driving traffic is in exchange with advertising. Advertisement exchange is an agreement reached with two or more websites, and both parties agree to exchange advertisements on the other’s website. Generally speaking, this is a straightforward agreement. In a simple communication, every website should accept as many visitors as it gives.

Unfortunately, not all advertising communications are simple, and most marketers feel deceived by these types of communications. The general feeling of this type of transaction is why you traded the customer before you knew the value of the customer. If you want users to click on a banner, why not make this banner profitable.

Recently, a traffic shortcut has become famous. It is called opt-out advertising exchange, and it is based on the concept of advertising exchange, although there is one major difference. The opt-out advertising exchange works in the same way as the normal advertising exchange, except that it will only be displayed after the customer leaves your website.

The advantage of this idea is that if a customer has left your website, then you know what his value to you is. If a user does not want to click on anything on your website, he is a perfect candidate to trade to another website, and he may click on something he likes more. Therefore, each visitor can choose to continue surfing on the relevant website, in exchange, the forwarding website will receive a customer in return.

As the withdrawal from advertising exchanges is very new and requires specialized software, only a few exchanges currently exist. If you want to know how effective exit ads are on your website, I suggest you take a look at ExitPollAds.

ExitPollAds is a free membership site. It not only provides you with a simple way to increase traffic, but it also has an integrated exit poll built-in so you can learn as much as possible about your customers. If transportation is the lifeblood of your business, then you should always be looking for effective shortcuts. However, if more people start using opt-out exchanges, sooner or later, they will no longer be seen as shortcuts.

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