Network Marketing Keyword Research Part IV, a total of four parts

prompt and summary

whenever I want to create content for my site, or log articles, even when I create a new page for my website, I use the Keyword Tool. It allows me to narrow down my search and let me show the search terms that everyone is searching for.

Tips-In your keyword research, pay close attention to the number of competitions, because this will determine your efforts and you will have to apply for high rankings in search engines. It is necessary to find a satisfactory intermediate value between the amount of traffic and the time you put in energy.

I want to take a moment here to explain some of the terms I have been discussing.

Keyword-very simple is any word that someone types into the search box of a search engine.

The keyword phrase long tail or short is also literally a combined word. Enter the query box of the search engine. The keyword phrase is from 2 to 6 or 7 words. Two-word phrases are short-tailed, and 3-4 or longer are long-tail keyword phrases.

Keyword research is usually divided into three steps.

Keyword discovery-here you can discover the maximum number of keywords related to your website.

Keyword research-is a search engine optimization practice used to find and research actual search terms or phrases on the journey of people entering the search box to discover the answers to all their questions.

Competitive analysis-who are your competitors? What tools and products are you competing for? What customer needs and preferences are you competing for? What are the strengths or weaknesses of your competitors? How do their prices compare to yours? Etc., etc. holmium holmium holmium tc company.

Summary – you have to develop ourselves for the sake of the audience habits. When they search for your product, what questions they will use. Pretend to be a viewer who wants your product but does not know your website. After listing all the things you think of, put them in a keyword tool and start creating. This is why the difference in Internet marketing keyword research lies in the creative input of marketers.

Tip-In Part 1, I showed you the results of a Google search for the keyword phrase “Internet Marketing” and shared the results of “29500000” in quotation marks.

One little secret I want to share with you is that after you have created a list of keyword phrases, it’s time to use the keyword tool to discover the popularity (number of searches) and competition for the same keyword phrases. Enter your keyword phrases in the two forms. With and without quotation marks.

You want to find a search result of 300000 or less without quotes. With the right keywords and quality content and videos, you still have a chance to compete with Big Dog there. But it got better. Now, find a search result with quotation marks around 5000 or less. This is an opportunity to dominate Google’s keyword phrases. Again, it depends on the quality of your content and keywords. But considering that there are millions of people, we have to compete with 5,000 or fewer people. This is a “brain teaser”.

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