Network traffic and search engine optimization techniques

you might wonder why your website can not get too much network traffic. After all, your website consumes a lot of financial and human resources, but unfortunately, like many websites, it is quite unknown, so it does not get enough Internet traffic to make it financially viable.

Did you know that about 80% of website traffic comes from search engines? Yes, this is true! Listing near the homepage of a search engine and getting the attention of the target audience should be the top priority of any website Internet promotion.

The good news is that improving your website’s position on search engine pages may be free. how? Use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

There are many ways to promote a website. Some promotions are paid, some are free. Among them, search engine optimization technology makes the website become friendly to search engines. In other words, it makes the website pages accept search engine crawlers in a friendly way. These technologies will be some of the steps that must be used to get a better position in the search engine page. When searching for specific keywords, these keywords are related to the services or products provided by the website.

Steps for web page search engine optimization:

Title: The

html title tag is a very important element and must contain the most important keywords or phrases. These keywords or phrases best represent the products or services provided by the web page. It cannot contain more than 60 characters.


htmlmeta keyword tags should contain all keyword phrases that best represent the products or services provided on the webpage. Avoid repeated keywords and incorrect use of capital letters. It cannot contain more than 250 characters.

Description: The

html meta Description tag is the description of the web page, which will be displayed by the search engine. Make sure it contains keyword phrases. Avoid repeated keywords and incorrect use of capital letters. It cannot contain more than 200 characters.

Keywords in the title:

The keyword (h1) in the title tag will be interpreted by search engines as an important keyword related to the webpage, and it should be searched and indexed by search engines.

Web page text:

Using natural language and appropriate keywords, it is a good practice to include informative text on every page. It should contain more than 200 words. Informational text should be placed in the html body part of the web page.

Keywords in Alt tags:

Each html image “img” tag should contain an ALT tag with an appropriate description. Keywords should be used when appropriate.

Keywords in anchor tags:

Every html hypertext link “a href” should contain a title tag with an appropriate description. Keywords should always be used when appropriate.

Robots.txt file: Make

sure there is robots.txt file in the website directory. This is a text indexing engine created by the webmaster.

In some cases, people may not want certain pages to be indexed. By using robots.txt, you can control which pages will be indexed and made available to search engines.

User agent: *

Not allowed:/tmp/

Not allowed:/data/

HTML code verification:

search engine crawlers become more efficient when indexing web pages without html errors. Note that some html errors will cause search engine crawlers to abandon indexing web pages. So it is recommended to index those web pages, there should be no html errors.


Links are very important to search engines. The quality of the link and whether the link is equivalence is an important factor in evaluating the importance of a webpage. A link from a website with a higher page rank is a plus.

Register in the directory and search engine:

This is very important for website registration with directories and search engine websites. This is a way to tell the world that your website exists. Avoid using automatic search engine/catalog registration. Search engine optimization has become a very important set of procedures to help websites become more relevant to search engines. It will take a while to get the increase in Internet traffic. Some additional improvements may be needed. But anyone who needs higher Internet traffic, free search engine optimization may be his first choice.

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