Niche keywords first!

The function of a website in advertising is similar to that of newspapers and magazines. The total sales of newspapers indicate its effectiveness. In the same analogy, the number of people visiting your website-called traffic-shows the quality of your website.

Suppose you have found a hobby you like to do and decide to use it as your machine to make money online. Such as the guitar. Guitar, the basic vocabulary of your planned business, is called a keyword. You should perform the following steps:

Usually people run search engine services to find what they want. Investigate how many people are trying to find things related to your keywords. Use the keyword tracker tool to find out this number. You can choose free or paid keyword tracker. A large number of people searching for your keywords shows an advantage.

Considering the number of competitors is absolutely necessary. Just search for your keywords through the search engine service. For example, Google. The resulting number means the number of website pages that contain your keywords, and of course it also reflects your competitors. When this number is very high, it is really unexpected. What a pity you! Indonesian says “Kasian de lu!”

But don’t shed tears! Remember you must be a strong person. When your opponent is very big on the guitar, you can reduce another specific keyword closely related to the guitar. For example, playing guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, learning to play guitar, guitarist, etc.

Select one or more searchers in the search engine service and there are still many searchers, and the results are low when searching in the search engine service. The conditional keywords mentioned earlier are called niche keywords. Be patient, you may run the keyword tracker tool and the search engine service in turn until you harvest your niche keywords. Keep fighting! The question is when the number of searchers and competitors is called huge, high or low. Want to know the details?

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