On page search engine optimization myths

page search engine optimization should not be overlooked because it is an important part of the entire search engine optimization activities. Some people do this because sometimes they hear some myths about the subject.

Search engines care about the platform

it was said, with a blog is easier to get good ranking than static sites. This is not the case. Search engines want to provide users with the best results, so it makes no sense to consider the platform used by the website.

Nevertheless, search engines do want to see the website updated regularly, and blogs are likely to be updated more frequently, because it is easier to do so, which is the essence of blogs.

Page search engine optimization is not important

indeed, in determining the search engine ranking, page outside factors are more important, but that does not mean that page search engine optimization is not important. It is actually the basis of all search engine optimization activities, because before establishing links, make sure that the relevance of the content is clear to search engines. If web search engine optimization is good, the content will rank with fewer backlinks.

Good page search engine optimization to generate high search engine ranking

a website can get good ranking depends on the start chosen the right keywords. It is possible to optimize content for any keyword, but if they are very competitive, it will be extremely difficult and time-consuming to get a good ranking. If the keywords are dominated by big companies (with huge marketing budgets), in fact, this is impossible.

Page search engine optimization can not be negative

In fact, the page can do some of the things that will have a negative impact. Although it is important to write in a way that search engines can understand, don’t write for them or try to deceive them in any way. Keyword stuffing (repeating keywords too many times) is an example of search engine writing. Using hidden text or hidden links is an example of trying to deceive them. In either case, the results of search engine optimization will be negative.

External connections are another area that requires care. Although it is good to have links, they should be the websites of the relevant authorities. Any link to a suspicious website (those engaged in search engine optimization practices but disapproved by search engines) will have a negative impact.

Page search engine optimization is difficult

in the page search engine optimization is really just a lot of simple steps, the only problem is to remember all of them, and check them are doing very well. Once a site is well configured for on-page search engine optimization purposes, most of the problems are related to the use of keywords (where they are placed, how often, what is the focus, etc.) and links (internal and external). For WordPress users, there is a plugin called “SEOPressor” that can check on-page search engine optimization and give suggestions for improvement. This makes the process easier.

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