One day can be listed in Google

you hear people just one day can list their website on Google it? It

seems that you come across people in the forum, nearly 100% of the performance in perfect order

within 24 hours of being indexed by Google is like a miracle feat

by doing some “top secret” marketing strategy or advanced

optimization strategy,

ah, In fact, it is not difficult to list on Google within a day!

In the beginning you can not use

the the URL of:

This page seems to look very familiar with many webmasters.

This link is actually Google’s website submission form. Google takes about 6

your site will be placed in their index, if you use

this form. It seems to take a long time each time. So remember do not try to

use any other top search engine submission form. The search engine

also includes Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alltheweb.

So, what can we do to get a 1-day index?

Now, I’ll show you the steps to getting indexed

within 1 day search

site to Google and enter the broadest keyword you can think of

related to your website. For example, “make money”. Once you do this, you will

see a list of Google search results.

After you get the search results, visit each site and pay

Google page rank special attention to the site. . Please note:

Google Page Rank is a measure of the “importance” and

The site number of the link to your site. This means that most sites

link to your site, the higher your page rank.

Search on these top-ranking website “making money” and

try to find the page rank of 6 or higher site.

When you find a few page rank of 6 or more sites, please check

whether there is a link page. Usually they will put their link pages

(resources, links, related sites, link partners, etc.). You should now

search their contact information

after you find their contact information you should send them an email

or use their contact form to ask to exchange links. Please convince

them to correct and professional, they will respond, and a link to

their website

if you can manage to get 1 PR6 website to link to your site, you will

be indexed by Google within three days. If you can get a PR7 website link to you,

then you will enter Google’s index within a day.

If you want to convince a high page rank site

site is pretty tough, there is another option, you can try to buy links from high ranking sites.

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