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used to have a period of time. For many small businesses, one advertisement on the Yellow Pages was enough, and this year’s marketing was completed. This is a 30-minute process, and this year’s mission is over.

Now that the Yellow Pages are no longer working, you are being bombarded by network strategies that may replace the old Yellow Papers. You need time and money to evaluate all these strategies.

Let’s break down these strategies and see if we can simplify them for you.

you absolutely, at least these days want a website. It can be a static 5-page website with a homepage, about us, services, contact us, and map pages. Or, it can be a mature e-commerce website where people can buy your entire product catalog. You can spend a few hundred dollars to design and run a web page, or you can spend a few thousand dollars to make a complex web page.

Find a designer who can work within your time frame and budget. Be prepared to pay a one-time design fee based on a monthly hosting fee. You should also get your domain name and email account with your web account, so ask if there are additional fees for these things.

is not search engine optimization, your website is just a billboard in the desert. People may find it in your offline printed materials, but they won’t find you online. Search engine optimization puts you at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are various on-page and off-page factors that enter search engine optimization, but your search engine optimization provider will look at the content on your webpage and the backlinks of your webpage, and make suggestions on how to improve Both.

Search engine optimization can cost less than US$500 a one-time fee or an ongoing fee of US$1500 or more per month. It depends on how long the search engine optimization provider will optimize the site. However, in general, monthly packages can provide longer-lasting results.

Pay-per-click activities
googleadwords and other PPC providers allow you to target your visitors. You only pay for visitors to your website. When visitors specify keywords or phrases in the search box, their ads will pop up.

The operation of these activities is very complicated, and if you don’t do your homework first, you may lose out yourself. If you are not going to spend a lot of time learning the details, it is best to hire a company to manage your PPC account.

Social media
you send to it do? Does your company have a Facebook fan page? Are you making the most of links? If you don’t have a social media strategy, you may lose some of the rich internet today. Many companies have used social media to put themselves in front of consumers. You can do the same.

Hiring an experienced social media company to help you is a way to use the power of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It doesn’t have to be expensive in the social media space.

Conclusion Yes, in 2010, a year to spend more than 30 minutes to manage your marketing. However, companies that use new media for marketing will be able to reach customers better than ever. Don’t sigh the past, seize the opportunity here and now.

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