Organic “Natural” Search Engine Optimization Vs Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising

When you purchase visitors from the search engines or “click”,

this is called “Pay Per Click” (PPC) search engine

advertising (or PPCSE). Paid search engine-per-click

advertising allows you to quickly get top search engine

by “bidding” (paid) to your

product or service

“organic” or “natural” search engine optimization (SEO) is

by optimizing web pages and

get by pointing your the

website. These “binding” links to achieve

high search engine rankings of your choice of


In this article, we will explore the

weaknesses of two kinds of search engine marketing methods. In addition,

I’ll show you the best resources and tools to improve

your search engine rankings long-term success.

“Natural” search engine optimization

today, there is a lot of myth natural search engine

optimization is cheap and easy. For example, if you

want your website ranking in the keyword phrase

“life insurance” or “debt consolidation”

needs an annual budget of at least $ 50000-100000!

However, natural search engine optimization usually

your return on investment is much higher than the pay per click.

There are two main reasons:

more searchers click the natural search engine results
compared to pay per click advertising, you will get more

reducing traffic volume

one of the biggest factors to improve the ranking
Natural search engine optimization and by increasing

by acquiring or paid links “link popularity”

pointing to your site. These links will bring you lasting results

search you top rankings and traffic through to the

engine. In addition, the link itself will provide

long-term significant increase in traffic

that is to say, the biggest weakness of natural search

engine optimization is the time required to generate links

and “adjust” your web pages and keywords to get those precious

high rankings you desire . In order to be more competitive

keywords, it can literally take 3 months or longer to begin

to realize the benefits of search engine optimization

campaign. For less competitive keywords, you can see

just a few weeks

pay per click search engine advertising

biggest advantage of PPC is

will provide you with an immediate increase qualified

visitors, potential customers and sales staff in

several Hours or days. In fact, a pay-per-click advertising program

if you seek quick results and a good

return on investment while you wait for search

engine optimization (SEO) plan “accelerated”

depending on your traffic goals, you can budget of $ 100 or

$ 100,000 . PPCSE also offer you

can quickly test your website and track your conversion

rate (leads, sales and opt in) and turnover keyword

(visitors) up and down freely

Therefore, as a short-term strategy, PPC

Obviously better than search engine optimization. However, the disadvantage is the cost

involved in. Depending on your keyword market demand for

clicks, you can generate a lot of activity PPCSE traffic

must spend several hundred or even a month every day, even thousands of dollars. And

a variety of optimization strategies can reduce costs,

but a long time to optimize natural search engine

will give you higher returns

in short

golden rule of marketing is that you should continue to

pursue maximum results and return on investment (ROI)

for your budget. In other words, if you are marketing

your profits – even if profits – is worth it.

In this mode, pay-per-click is worth it, but on the whole pay-

per-click will make your margins thin.

The reason for using natural search engine

optimization campaign is to significantly improve long-term profitability

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