Origins search engine optimization

if you are a business or website owner, you probably have encountered many times the word search engine optimization. You can even pay a company to optimize your search engine website. But have you ever wondered how it all started? How has it become so important for any business trying to build an online presence, generate potential customers, and ultimately increase sales and revenue? If you have, you are not alone. Let us briefly review the origins of SEO and why it has become so important:

What is search engine optimization?

In order to discover the origin of search engine optimization, it is important to first define what it is. At its core, search engine optimization is a way of designing and building a website, ranking it with important “keywords” related to businesses, products, and services. For example, if you are a dentist in Charleston, then your website will benefit from optimized keywords such as “Charleston dentist”. Why? Because whenever someone is looking for dental services in Charleston, if your website is optimized for this keyword, then your website will appear at the top of the search engine results, which ultimately means that your website will have more Visitors, more potential customers, bring more revenue to your business.

This is how everything started

search engine optimization, with the development of the Internet and formed in the 1990s and developed. The initial search engine optimization work was quite rudimentary and only involved submitting a website to search engines. In turn, the search engine will launch a computer program called Spider, which basically “crawls” the entire website, cataloging and storing the data found there in order to include it in the search results. These early work also included embedding keywords (also known as meta tags) into website code to help further categorize its content.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous website owners and search engine optimization companies soon realized that by sending irrelevant keywords to their website, they could artificially manipulate their search engine rankings and use them on other websites that abide by the rules. To gain an advantage. Fortunately, in order to improve the end user experience, search engines quickly stopped this practice.

Search Engine Optimization Today

Today’s search engines are much more advanced than in the past few years. If commercial websites act according to the rules, they will reward the top-ranked websites, but they will also severely punish those who do not act according to the rules. If you want to build your business and brand online, increase potential customers and income, then you need a search engine optimization company that uses ethical and recognized search engine optimization techniques to promote your website and improve your ranking in search engines .

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