Page Ranking Theory:

PageRank is not as complicated as it seems. Most people are confused about this. It is usually discussed by search engine marketing (SEO) experts. This is a mathematical formula that search engines apply to each website to assess its importance. We can say that it is the score (ranking) given by a search engine to a website.

Let us continue to define it

holmium Mi agrank term google introduced. They say that PageRank shows the number of links that point to a website. There are quality back links on PageRank impact holmium

page rankings

PageRank is a numeric page, it shows the importance of a page.

Let’s talk about the elements involved in PageRank. The first thing is the backlink from one website to that page. Backlinks are not all. The quality of backlinks is very important. We can’t just relay all backlinks, because most backlinks are not even counted by Google. Some backlinks have filters. For example, link fields and non-cached pages.

What is a backlink?

Backlink is a network language word. Simply put, this is synonymous with voting. For example, there are two sites, one is SiteX and the other is SiteY. If SiteX puts a link to SiteY on its page. This means that SiteX is casting backlinks (voting) for SiteY. After that, how many high-quality votes does the Google spider comment have?

Google PageRank Toolbar:

Google provides a toolbar. You can install it on your computer and add it to your internet explorer toolbar. There are many options. The most common options are shown below.


 navigate to the Google News site

band 61692 blocker

 check the spelling of text

 auto fill character

 Automatic Link (find postal addresses on the current page)

 word finder

 Last but not least PageRank bar

If you look at PageRank, it’s like a bar from point 0-10 of the display. When any point increases from 0 to 9, the bar will be full of green. Shows how important this page is. The narration of these points is like a logarithmic scale.

Toolbar PageRank (log Base 10) Real PageRank

00 – 10

1100 – 1000

21000 – 10,000

310000 – 100,000

4100,000 – 1000,000

5 and so on ……

after every Google PR update, these rankings will change. If a page has no PR, the ranking bar will turn gray, which means your page has not been cached by Google or Google has not indexed it. The 0 pr of the page indicates that the page can be panelized by Google, or that it has not received quality votes from other pages on the Internet.

Google page ranking formula:

According to Google;

“We assume that page A has pages (ie citations) that point to it, and the parameter d is a damping factor that can be set between 0 and 1. We usually set d to 0.85.’ d’will be explained in detail in the next section. The formula for collecting PageRank on page A is as follows:

This is a bit difficult to understand. Apply the Alkhwazmi principle to it, and divide the problem (formula) into small pieces, so that we can easily understand and solve a.

PR (a): Pagerank of the page a

number of links placed on the link page PR (Tn): C (Tn )

PR (Tn): Pagerank of all pages linked to page A. “N” is the total number of these links.

PR(Tn)/C(Tn): This is easy to understand. It gives the weight of the share of the site vote linked to SiteA.

D & (1-D): ‘D’ this is the damping coefficient, do not click on the link of the possibility of random

surfers. Its value is between 0-0.85. We can

if you want to calculate your page rank you can put all the values are placed in this formula. This way you can get your PageRank number, which may be inaccurate, but apply it again and again until you get the correct result. You must use this formula to evaluate your page ranking so that you can develop an effective strategy to get a higher ranking in Google.

The importance of page ranking:

If you have a website, you will understand how important this part of search engine optimization is. Your entire online success depends on PageRank. If you are not ranked high in search engines, no matter how good you are in your field. But on the Internet, you can never succeed online. You should understand the formula of the “algorithm” and the requirements for getting a good PageRank.

•Always beware of your link partners.

• Exchange links with quality websites indexed by Google.

• There should also be a good PR website.

• Valuable votes have a great influence on your page ranking.

• Sites linked to the Google Exchange Panel are prohibited.

• Don’t spend too much time on one keyword at the same time.

• Divide links between the first 10 to 20 keywords.

• Don’t forget to apply the PageRank formula to get a better strategy.

Conclusion: If you have a website, you will understand how important this part of search engine optimization is. Your entire online success depends on PageRank

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