Page search engine optimization simple list

to achieve good page search engine optimization is to obtain high search engine ranking is a key step. To do this, you need to plan your website carefully, and then you set it up.

Find some good keywords

, of course, you can conduct web search engine optimized for any keyword, but that does not guarantee a high ranking. After deciding on the theme of your website, you need to do some keyword research to find keywords with good search volume, while not being too competitive. Then you can plan your website around these.

Register a domain name

of your Web search engine optimization start with a domain name. This should include your main keywords and should be as close as possible to the beginning.

Set up the site

in addition to your subject matter, your website should include search engines like to see a standard (legal) page. These should be linked to from each page (e.g. header or footer). This is an important part of your on-page search engine optimization. These pages should include About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, DMCA Policy, Anti-Spam Policy and Terms of Use.

Make sure you have a search engine site map.

External links

For the purposes of pages of search engine optimization, is the best external links from within the content of the website. Minimize the use of site-wide links, especially unrelated sites. Under no circumstances should you link to any website that engages in questionable search engine optimization practices. This can be reflected in your website and undo all the good work you did on your web pages for search engine optimization.

Optimize your content

Write your selected keywords on each page, and:

to make unique content

the keyword in the URL.

Include keywords in the title (if possible, at the beginning).

Use headings (h1-h3) and include keywords.

Make sure to use keywords in the first sentence.

Use keywords throughout the content, but don’t overuse them. This text must be read well.

Display examples of keywords in bold/italics.

At least one graphic with keywords as Alt text.

Link to other related pages on the website.

Write a good meta description including keywords.

Put keywords in meta keywords (although this is not so important now).

Frequent updates

search engines like to see active sites, so you will make your website search engine optimization, content added regularly, and update the old content. If you are a novice, you will find that there are many things to consider. WordPress users can get help by installing the seoppressor plugin. This checks your webpage SEO and makes suggestions for improvement.

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