Page SEO Factors large Guide – Part 3

meta tag keywords in the keyword

meta tag keywords should contain the most important keywords related to particular page. Every keyword listed in this tag should appear in the content of the page. Don’t try to repeat a keyword, it can be considered spam. Some search engines, including Google, no longer value this tag. Anyway, if you use it, you won’t lose anything. I will use the web hosting site example again. Good keyword tags can be: web, hosting, company, php, mysql (of course, if you provide php and mysql support).

Keyword tags alt

What is alt tags? Try to move the mouse pointer to any image on a website. If some text appears near the mouse pointer, it is the content of the alt tag. The original intention of the alt tag is to describe the image for users who use the browser without displaying the image. In these days, alt tags are very useful for better describing images and can be used as an alternative text when the image is not loaded.

If your website contains any images where the content displayed can be described by your keywords, please always use these keywords in the alt tag. But don’t use keywords that are not related to images. This can be considered cheating and your website may be punished.

Website text keywords

to use your keywords naturally in the text. No one can tell you the ideal keyword density, but from my experience, 3-10% is good. Most search engine optimization consultants believe that there is no fixed ideal density. The more likely ideal density depends on the theme of the website. In any case, if you can write your website content naturally, you may hit the target.

If possible, use tags such as H1, H2, etc. The most important keywords should appear in the H1 tags, and the H2 (H3, H4…if applicable) tags should contain more specific keywords related to the paragraphs below these headings. Important keywords can be highlighted using strong tags or EM tags. Strong tags make the text bold, and EM creates italic text. I recommend using these tags instead of the B and I tags. The visual effects of these tags are the same, but the text in the strong and EM tags is considered important by search engines.

Keyword anchor text

anchor text links is the word. This is one of the most important factors on the page. Each link in the menu usually consists of one, two or three words. These words should accurately describe the content of the target page. In the example of our website hosting company, there can be links in the website navigation, such as “web hosting plan”, “domain name”, etc.

Sometimes happen that you need more words to describe the target page content but the design of your website doesn’t allow larger text. The solution can be the link title which is displayed when the visitor moves mouse pointer over the link. Here is an example : A HREF=”domain.html” TITLE=”Domain name registration or domain name transfer”. In the last part of this article, Part 4, I will show you how to improve your website navigation structure and reveal some related websites The secret of age and its search engine optimization effects.

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