Page SEO Factors large Guide – Part 4

site navigation structure

Google recommends using tree navigation structure. The most important page should be one click from your homepage. These pages should be optimized for more general (and more competitive) keywords. If you follow this recommendation, your web pages and highly competitive keywords will get higher partial page rankings. Pages containing less competitive keywords should be on the second level (2 clicks from the homepage). These pages do not need to account for a large part of the pagerank to get a good ranking in serp. It is possible that you will need more levels if you run a larger website. You should consider providing users with links between lower-level pages. It helps to make your website navigation clearer. If you use keywords in anchor text, you will get some very important “points” from search engines.

Check your website for broken links from time to time. There are some high-quality free programs or online services that will automatically do this for you. From the perspective of search engines, broken links are an abnormal sign. Many broken links will damage your search engine position.

Avoid too long web content. Google recommends keeping the page size below 100KB. In fact, Google obviously prefers small pages. This seems logical, because a website with basic information and links to detailed information is clearer than a single page where a webmaster places all available information.

Site Updates

Search engines love fresh content. Keep your website up to date-visitors and search engines will love you.

Quality content

search engines are some ways to make sure your content is useful for the visitors. If a visitor visits your website from Google and clicks the back button immediately, he may not find what he is looking for. The average time spent on the website is an important factor in determining the quality of the website.

Another factor used by search engines to determine the quality of a website is the number of specific pages. If your website consists of hundreds of pages, you are more likely to provide higher value to your visitors than a one-page website.

On-site service life

Google makes every effort to protect the quality of search results. Spammers usually register a one-year domain name, trying to get a good position quickly, because they will be banned within a few months and they will not update the domain name. Instead, they registered a new one and restarted the spam program. Because of this, the old website is more favored by Google. If you have a five-year website that is updated regularly, you will have a great advantage with the new website.

When you register a new domain name, you should register for more than one year. According to my own experience, when I registered 2 domain names for a year, I did not reach the highest position in the first year. A few days after the domain name was updated, SERP has been greatly improved. When I registered the new domain name 10 years later, the website exited the sandbox after 3 months. So this is a guide through web search engine optimization factors. I hope this information will help you rank better in search engines and attract more visitors to your website. good luck!

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