Page SEO optimization outside

the outer page optimization is link to your site. You will hear internet marketers talking about getting links to their websites or specific web pages. When other websites link to your website, off-page optimization makes your website look more valuable.

When looking for sites that link back to your site, look for sites that rank higher than yours and are related to your site in some way. A website with a higher ranking is more helpful to improve page ranking than a website with a lower ranking. However, almost any website that links to your website is a plus. Links of this nature are called one-way links.

Another type of link is a two-way link. A reciprocal link is a link back to another link to your website. Make sure that other websites keep your links on their websites. If they do delete your link, ask them to put it back. On the other hand, you can remove their link from your website.

In addition, set up a trade link page. When you do this, it should contain pages of subcategories (ie marketing, investment, real estate). By doing this, you can more easily maintain the list of links. Another reason is that you don’t want to have more than 20 outbound links on any given page. What do I mean by outbound links? An outbound link is any link to any webpage that is not part of the website.

Index page with page rank

between your sites or pages to index and rank are different. Index your website; search engines crawl your site at least once, learn about your site, and insert your URL into their site index for crawling.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to index your website is to include your URL in a message on a high-traffic blog or forum. Another way, although the speed is slower, but submit articles and press releases.

Page ranking is more difficult to obtain. There are three things that determine the page ranking of your website: the use of keywords in your website content; how many websites link back to your website and the quality of these websites (link popularity); and the text that these websites use to link to you (Idk).

When your website has a page rank, it usually means that you have received a considerable amount of traffic and established so-called backlinks. When another website puts your link on their website, backlinks will appear. If, in all possible cases, you want to link to a website with a page rank of 3 or higher.

Things away

Here are some things you can make is forbidden to enter the search engine:

hidden text
o This is when you make the font color and background color the same, so your customers will not see the text. One way to check if the site is performing this operation is to press (Ctrl A). You can hide keywords in the body of the page so that no one will see them. You can also put other content on the page, no one will see it except search engines.

Hidden links
o This is the same as hidden text, but you use links to do it. For example, on your compressed page, you want to put a link on your website to another page, but you don’t want anyone to go there, for whatever reason. This will be an example where you will hide links and chances of running, allowing your website to be banned from search engines.

Keyword padding
o Keyword padding is to reuse exactly the same keywords in the alt tag, Meta tag, and title tag. This practice may prevent you from entering search engines. If keywords are used in these tags, and there are no more than three repetitions in each tag, it should be ok.

Page hidden
o Hidden page is a page created for frequent visitors of the website to be invisible. The hidden page contains code that detects when search engine spiders appear on the site. The spider is transferred to this hidden page. The setting of this page is to make your website look like a search engine to increase your search engine’s position in search. Your customers see something completely different.

Doorway or bridge pages
o Doorway or bridge pages use the same concept as invisible pages, but are usually located in a different web hosting company.

Connect the farm
o Link farms are “black hats” (taboos). A link farm is a website composed of links to other websites and some form of advertising. Their main goal is to provide links to other websites and make money from advertising. These sites usually have no valuable content at all.

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