PageRank greater than 2 50 backlinks solutions

today, no one can deny the importance of backlinks in search engine optimization, especially in Google Optimization. In this article, you can find some solutions for the new website to achieve the goal of 50 backlinks with a PageRank greater than 2. When this goal is archived, I fully believe that in the next update of Google, your site’s pagerank will be raised to at least 3.

There are two main solutions to this goal:

find links on your own without spending money. Buy text links (backlinks). Find links by yourself, no money
* The methods in this solution include:

find relevant, high-quality websites and request link exchanges. Submit to the quality catalog. Submit a recommendation letter on the website where you purchased any service or product. Write articles or submit posts to other websites, blogs, media, and forums.
*In this solution:

permalink, search engine does not accept.
* Disadvantages of this solution:

more time and effort. Two-way links (reciprocal links). It is difficult to determine the time to achieve the goal.
*References for this solution:

Link exchange programs:,, Automatic link exchange programs:,,, Quality catalog:,, article directories:,,,

You can find more link exchange sites by studying the link popularity of competitors. Use a search engine to perform this check. In many cases, the keyword is: link:your_competitor_url. When accessing certain catalogs, please pay attention to the catalog categories. You can find other directories there. For example, in the directory category of, you can find some other good Australian directories.
* Estimated time: 2 months

to buy text links
* Methods in this solution include:

purchase text links directly from the website (backlinks) (in case they do not accept the link exchange) buy text links from text link broker. Purchase text links from link auction sites. Payment will be included in large, high-quality catalogs (Yahoo, Overture, LookSmart…)
*In this solution:

less time and effort to get links. One-way links (better than reciprocal links)
* The disadvantage of this solution is

money. We have to pay for some links every month (or every year). Search engines discourage the purchase of text links from text link agents (many purchases at the same time). They can punish us. Some links are unstable (not permanent).
*References for this solution:

Website advertising: (PR5-$10.00 per month) Text link agent: (5 permanent links PR0–PR4: $175/month), (10 3 links from PR and 3 pages: $150-permalink only pays once-no repetitive fees) Link auction website: linkadage.comBig, quality catalog: Yahoo! Directory (1 link-$299/year-your website will be reviewed first)

When buying a link from a broker, make sure you can preview the page in which the link will be included. In addition to PageRank, there are other factors to consider, such as: related links on this page, how many links there are on the page, and whether your links are static. . .
*Estimated time: 1 week (some directories need more time to review our request) Conclusion: For a new website, the goal of 50 backlinks with PageRank greater than 2 does not seem to be an easy goal. Increasing the popularity of links is a long, patient but must be completed process. It is up to you to decide which solution is better, or a combination of these two solutions.

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