Paid niche directories-are they good for your SEO?

What is a niche directory? They are just directories that concentrate on a subject or field. The inherent advantage is that because the link to your website comes from a directory directly related to your industry, they are usually more valuable than links to ordinary directories. This makes them worth spending time in your link activities.

So, what exactly do we mean by niche directories? Take me as an example.

Industry / professional directory link

in my case, there are many catalog lists the SEO companies and consultants. This is all they have. They are the largest online collection of geeks outside of Babylon 5 forums.

Some catalogs are purely composed of real estate resources and professionals. Now, stop and think about your possible areas. There may be more than one. For example, suppose you are a dentist. You might think that your only way out is a dental service directory. But you are wrong.

Contents may not be so obvious

to think about other determinants you and your business. where are you? If you are in Los Angeles, you have some options. I haven’t checked it myself, but I bet my last dollar, and one-fifth of someone’s weight I guess, there are many directories focused on business in Los Angeles.

But it did not end there. What about the California Business Directory? Or Southern California? By the way, we are not finished yet.

are you Christian? You also have choices. I saw some resources on the Internet, which listed businesses run by or for Christians. How do they determine that you are actually a believer in Christ, I don’t understand. Of course there are catalogs that cater to other beliefs. just looking around.

The key is to consider different perspectives. Are you a woman? Many resources will be happy to put you on their list. If you can’t fully become a woman before next month’s surgery, wait until then to submit. It is important to remember that these specialized directories are out there and they take submissions. They may be worth the money. Now go get some links.

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