Perfect keyword search

keyword is considered to be an important part of search engine optimization. So you must choose the right keywords for your business. Merely choosing a popular key is not good for your business, because when you choose a keyword, visitors may come, but when they can’t get what they want, they will definitely not visit you again Website too.

There are several issues to consider when choosing a keyword. You shouldn’t mind the length of these words. The length actually depends on the size and value of the company. Let me break it down. Keywords can be of 3 types.

-Head (contains only one word)-Body (

contains 2-3 words) -Long

tail (contains many words)

Which one should you choose? Well, one-word keywords are the most competitive, if your brand is not very popular, then you should not try this type. For example, if you own a clothing factory, then your head keyword can be “shirts”.

On the other hand, the body type keyword is medium competition. You can get 1000-2000 traffic per month. In this type, your keywords will be longer and more specific, such as “male T-shirt”.

Finally, the competitiveness of long-tail keywords is reduced. You can expect to get 100-1000 traffic per month. Statistics show that 15% of long-tail keywords are not even found on Google. So there are good and bad sides. The key word for the long tail can be “male polo shirt.” You can see that it is more specific and can attract the target audience.

Once you have completed the choice of keyword length, you should consider the purpose. Do you just want to attract traffic or hide visitors as buyers. It also depends on the type of business. For example, if you have an e-commerce website, then your goal should be to convert and increase sales, not just visitors. On the other hand, if you own a blog site, your only goal should be how to increase traffic. So for conversion, you should count how many people visit your website and how many people are buying. Because only the latter is important.

In short, because keywords can lead to sales, make sure you choose the best keywords and attract potential customers, not a lot of traffic. For example, I have some graphic content in my portfolio. I thought about it a lot, and instead of writing things like graphic content or my portfolio, I chose the keyword premium graphic temple.

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