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search engine is considered to be a useful tool, it plays an important role when searching online many things. These tools have the ability to promote a website among many Internet users. At the same time, they have the right to slander a website. Therefore, the website owner makes some modifications to the website in order to gain the recognition of search engines, thereby gaining the recognition of netizens. These improvements to search engines are called search engine optimization methods. In order to make the website search engine friendly, there are many methods that can be followed. Some of them are discussed here.

Content – The first constraint

any search engine optimization service experts recommend first thing is to develop good content. In all content, text content is the only content readable by search engine spiders. Therefore, articles and other text content must be carefully written to ensure that the content is written correctly. In addition to grammatical errors, the uniqueness of the website content must be maintained when developing the website content. This uniqueness can only make a website become friends with search engine spiders, thereby gaining visitors and rankings. In addition, the creative content of the website needs to be updated to be unique and new.

Website coding

adhere to the correct coding language to create a website is crucial. HTML language is a language that can be easily read by search engine spiders and is used to identify the existence of a website. The meta tag displayed in the HTML code of the website displays brief information about the website and the services provided by the website. Titles and title tags are just the types of information that can be obtained from a specific web page. Therefore, these two tags must be written in the correct way to match the content of the page. Make sure your website code w3c-compliant browser compatibility verification

keyword selection

Keyword selection is the most important step in search engine optimization. Keyword-based search engines can only get higher rankings and bring more traffic to your website. The keywords used in the text content of the website are very important for search engine spiders to recommend a website to netizens. These keywords need to be related to the content of the website. Search engine spiders can also recommend other pages of your website based on many other search queries from Internet users. In the process of website optimization, how to choose good keywords is a problem that needs to be studied in depth. In addition, some drawbacks, such as repeating keywords multiple times where they are not needed, will also bring bad reviews to search engines.

Use internal links many web sites in internal links pointing to the site are available. It should be noted that these links will not lead to an unrelated website or blank page. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether these links have proper links with other pages of the website, and links to external websites should not lead to websites that are not liked by website visitors. Search engine spiders also don’t like such links. Therefore, when exchanging links with other websites, please ensure that website links do not lead to illegal websites.

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