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in search engine marketing, keyword correctly identify the site is a crucial step. A keyword is a string of words that an individual enters in the search bar of any given search engine, hoping to find what they want on the Internet. Knowing which website is best for you will get the traffic you urgently need, and more importantly, sales.


you need to decide what you want to build a degree of competition between your website, and what key phrases each phrase around. This can be done by entering a phrase in a search engine and then checking the number of results in the upper right corner of the browser. Usually, this number is in the millions. When you are just starting out in search engine marketing, you should choose phrases that don’t have too many competitors. Try to stay within the area of ​​no more than a few million competing websites and try to use a much smaller number of phrases. A few million may sound like a lot, but considering that there are billions of web pages on the Internet today, this number is not much.

Generally, you will choose a three-word phrase, such as “chocolate cake recipe.” They tend to narrow down some areas and target your product to searchers, which is very important.


in identifying key phrases, you should try to choose those phrases have at least a few thousand a month search. The search volume for finding a phrase is very simple. You can use Wordtracker to pay a small fee, or you can use Overture’s search term suggestion tool for free.



These are very user-friendly tools. Just enter the phrase you want to check the traffic, and also give the monthly search volume for that phrase in all search engines. A great way to find the right key phrase is to identify a single phrase to describe the entire site. Type the word in the Overture search word finder, and then browse the list of multiple word phrases generated from the singular word. This technology works well with this tool.


should avoid the use of the singular, such as “books.” They don’t provide enough information, exactly what the searcher is looking for, nor will it translate into a keyword phrase that sells almost like two and three words. In addition, they are usually difficult to rank because all websites use this term. Be sure to stick to two, three, and four-word phrases.

Focus your phrase

selected as the site of a key phrase requires highly targeted website, and very focused on what the site offers. For example, I don’t want to put the keyword “lawn tractor” on a website dedicated to plumbing equipment. If I were to build a website that included free dating services, I would definitely want phrases like “Internet dating services” and/or “free online dating”.

Study your phrase must do a lot of research for your key phrases, do not worry! Missing an important keyword is missing potential traffic and sales. Spend as much time as possible collecting key phrases, you feel that this will generate much-needed traffic, and ultimately, universal sales.

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